Nespresso and the 'Demon Chef' deliver dazzling Chinese New Year experiences to delight coffee lovers

Thanks Nespresso for inviting me to the workshop to learn how to create gourmet coffee even at home! The recipes were conceptualized by Asia's Michelin Starred ' Demon Chef' Alvin Leung! (Wow!!!)

I was at the event with Lifestyle Bloggers- (Trista and Gerald)

Friends and family often come together during Chinese New Year to usher in good fortune for the year ahead. 

Why not dazzle your loved ones this festive season with all-new gourmet Nespresso coffee moments to remember?  Through a unique partnership with Asia’s Michelin-starred ‘Demon Chef’ Alvin Leung, Nespresso introduces delicious and dazzling gourmet coffee recipes that will bring loved ones together for moments of pure – and surprising - pleasure. 

With the sleek and stylish Nespresso machine, now anyone can kick-start the Year of the Goat with delicious coffee creations - made to share with loved ones, from Nespresso.

The dazzling set of recipes were masterminded by Asia’s ‘Demon Chef’ and inspired by Nespresso Grands Crus. Famous for his delicious, innovative and experimental cuisine, Alvin Leung - aka the ‘Demon Chef’ - is the celebrated chef at the helm of Michelin-starred restaurant Bo Innovation. His ‘extreme Chinese Cuisine’ has been praised as an art form by critics and made him a perfect partner for Nespresso on this special Chinese New Year collaboration. The coffee recipes are designed to excite, surprise and delight Club Members, which use different Nespresso Grands Crus from the full range of twenty two. The recipes are inspired by the palettes and preferences of Club Members across the Asia Pacific region and use ingredients from coconut to pumpkin to create exquisite moments of pure Nespresso pleasure!

Wooo... Thanks for the set up and apron!

 Making your own cup of gourmet coffee can be fun!!!

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Hope you will enjoy these special gourmet coffee recipes!!!

Create your favourite Chinese New Year recipes with ease with Nespresso!
This festive season, discover how easy it is to create your favourite Chinese New Year coffee recipe, as Nespresso introduces a series of exciting videos that showcase how to re-create these delectable recipes in the comfort of your own home, on the Nespresso's facebook page and YouTube channel.

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