A review of the newly revamped DBS iBanking website

Hey guys, did you know that DBS has revamped their iBanking website?

The change is now live, so if you are a DBS customer you should be able to see the new site like I did on my tablet as I was waiting for a meeting to start. I really like the new interface because it is much more user-friendly!

This is what you’ll see when you first get to the site – a beautiful photo of Singapore’s skyline.

You might wonder if your existing login details and settings will remain unchanged. Turns out they were all still there, so when I logged in I enjoyed a seamless transition. Phew... there’s no need to worry about having to reset all the accounts and passwords or remember new details.

I noticed that one of the significant changes to the site is that the Navigation Bar has now been shifted to the top for easy access as compared to in the past, when it was at the left. I found this to make more sense, as the sections are now easy to see with big, readable fonts.

If you always find it troublesome having to click through multiple pages before getting to the services you need, good news! Now you can access the services you use frequently (paying your telco bills or transferring funds to others) with just one click, as I realized. Simply ‘pin’ those services where you can see them with the customised quick links feature. Isn't that cool?

I also found that for those who like me have more than one bank account, the new iBanking website now makes it easier for us to remember them because you can now give each of the accounts a nickname.  For me, it makes checking on my savings and spending accounts easier.

Here is a video introduction of DBS's all new iBanking experience:

Overall I found the new iBanking website neater and more easy to use as they have really taken into consideration what we would want from our Internet banking experience, while maintaining all the features that makes banking so much easier! Check out the new iBanking site now and let me know if you like it as much as I do!



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