Lewin Terrace featuring exquisite flavours of the Japanese Autumn

If you can't travel to Japan and would like to have a taste of  Japanese Autumn, visit Lewin Terrace!  

Listed in the inaugural Michelin Guide Singapore this year, Lewin Terrace is a Japanese-French fusion restaurant set against the backgrop of the historic Fort Canning Park in a colonial style black and white bungalow, headed by the inimitable Executive Chef, Keisuke Matsumoto.

Why you should hurry visit Lewin Terrace if you have not? 

Lewin Terrace had launched its latest Sho-Mi menu featuring exquisite flavours of the Japanese Autumn through beautifully crafted Japanese-French fusion dishes (available from September - November 2016). 

The Lewin Terrace Sho-Mi Autumn Menu is created by the restaurant’s inimitable Executive Chef Keisuke Matsumoto, the seasonal Sho-Mi menu features the distinctive ingredients native to Japan available during the Autumn season. Diners can expect the delicate and refreshing taste of the ocean through dishes like Hokkaido Crab with Japanese Apple, Sea Urchin and Yuzu; and Amadai served with Black Truffle, Koshihikari and Sea Weed. 

Other highlights of the menu include the Wagyu Beef Cheek served with Beetroot, Red Cabbage and Wasabi; and how can we forget about one of Lewin Terrace's signature dish, the Autumn interpretation of the Nippon Rossini (Japanese Wagyu Steak Nippon Rossini Style)?

Lewin Terrace’s Autumn Sho-Mi menu is available for lunch (12pm to 3pm) and dinner (6.30pm to 11pm), priced at $118++; and the luxurious Wakon Yosai menu is available for dinner only, priced $188++. 

For reservations, contact Lewin Terrace at 6333 9905. 

Lovely long table setting 
Perfect for any occasions
Welcome drink


Homemade bread served with hot stones in the bag to keep the breads warm. 
The breads was so tasty and delicious.

Amuse Bouche

Spanish Red Urchin/ Smoked Tofu/ 10 Years Miso / Fried Green Beans

The dish was one of the highlight if you saw my video.
Creamy Spanish red urchin and bean sprout placed on top of the smoked tofu and the assertive taste from the 10 years old miso.

マッシュルームと珈琲カプチーノ 生ハムブランマンジェ

The mushroom soup was served with coffee foam and garlic chips on top of the prosciotto blancmange.


After pouring them together into the plate

So beautiful plated! You can have some fun pouring and mixing the ingredients onto a plate. 
Overall taste: light and refreshing.


This is definitely another highlight!
The broth for this dish was prepared in a syphon manner to achieve the desired flavour.

The soup is ready!

The waiter will then pour onto the bowl with the premium fish in the centre.

I was told the Amadai (Tile fish) was grilled with oil and seasoned with salt before putting it open-air for half a day to achieve the perfect crispy texture of the skin with the meat inside still soft and tender. The fish is served along with baked risotto and edamame in it. The risotto and edamame are prepared using the rice from Niigata City as well. You can see that's a lot of effort to prepare this. 

和牛ステーキ "ニッポン" ロッシーニ フォワグラ トリュフの極上のひとさら

Japanese Wagyu Steak is one of their signatures and a must try. 

Chef cutting the beef

And tadah!!! The plating is amazing I know right!
The wagyu beef was served along with taro and seaweed butter and special crafted autumn leaves using red and yellow beetroots and baked onion. The beef is so tender and juicy.

 パッションフルーツと蜜柑 ライチ

I don't mind having this everyday.  
The combination was perfect!

炭の薫り 焼き芋

The chef creatively used sweet potatoes and chocolate to create the autumn tree and leaves. There are sweet potatoes powder scattered over the dessert plate along with the bee pollen and maple syrup sauce to give the sweetness in it.


Come in a small box containing four mini bite-size desserts to pair it with a cup of coffee or tea. 

In the box:
white chocolate with green tea, dorayaki red bean, French cake and chocolate in jasmine flavour.

Autumn Sho-Mi Menu is priced at S$118.00++ 
Lunch 12.00pm- 3.00pm 
Dinner 6.30pm- 11.00pm 

Luxurious Wakon Yosai Menu is priced at S$188.00++ 
Add on: Wine pairing S$120.00++ ( 6 glass) 
Dinner 6.30pm-11.00pm 

For reservations, please contact Lewin Terrace 6333 9905


About Lewin Terrace (http://www.lewinterrace.com.sg/
Lewin Terrace is a Japanese-French fusion restaurant featuring French & Japanese techniques and a produce-driven approach. The culinary establishment is housed in a gorgeous black & white bungalow that is the former residence of the Chief who headed the Central Fire Station on Hill Street. Perched in the lush greenery of Fort Canning Park and imbued with Japanese entertaining and hospitality savoir-faire, Lewin Terrace is a unique and must-visit destination for all occasions including anniversaries, corporate events, birthdays and iconic weddings. 



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