N.E.mation! is back again for the 11th year

Hey guys, the annual N.E.mation! is back again for the 11th year!!! 

The inter-school digital animation competition- N.E.mation!  is organised by Nexus, for students from secondary schools, junior colleges and centralised institutes to express their thoughts on Total Defence. The competition has been very well-received, reaching more than 15,000 students participants over the last decade since its inception in 2007. Students will given proper training and guidance and even students with no prior experience in animation have been able to produce clips of broadcast quality to screen on free-to-air television. 

Some of these clips were even selected for international animation festivals and won several awards.

N.E.mation! 10 Champion team with Guest-of-Honor Mr Ong Ye Kung (Senior Minister of State for Defence)
N.E.mation! 11
This year, students are asked to use their creativity to produce animation clips centered on the theme of  “Together We Keep Singapore Strong“.

Together We Keep Singapore Strong
Total Defence remains relevant because the threats we face today – including
terrorism, cyberattacks, pandemics – require all Singaporeans to continue
playing their part to keep Singapore peaceful and safe. As long as we remain
united and resilient, we will be able to overcome any challenges.

Students are asked to research and submit story ideas on what and how
Singaporeans can do to keep Singapore peaceful and safe, and to reflect on how
our greatest strength lies in the unity and resilience of our people.

Some guiding questions for the students include:

  •  Why do we need Total Defence?
  • Continued relevance of Total Defence in light of more complex threats and challenges, e.g., terrorism, cyber-attacks

  •  What can we do?
-The government and the security forces cannot do this alone.
Everyone has a part to play and that includes students.
-  There are many things we can do in our daily lives to contribute to
TD – even simple everyday acts like giving your elder brother who is
doing NS some words of encouragement, being alert to suspicious
characters in your neighbourhood, getting to know your neighbours
better, counts.

The animation clips produced by the top 10 finalist teams will be judged by a
panel comprising industry professionals and the public. The public can vote for
their three favourite clips around January 2017 at https://nemation.sg, Facebook
or via SMS.

The winning team will win a coveted trip to visit renowned animation studios
in the USA!

The 1-Week Selection (3rd Sep to 10th Sep)

N.E.mation! has just closed the call for entry and we have received 760 stories
from 437 teams. From these entries, 100 teams will be shortlisted for the next
phase of the competition where they will pitch for one of the ten spots to convert
their story idea into a 1-minute animation. 

The 1-Week Selection Programme

3rd Sept 2016 (Sat) – The shortlisted Top 100 teams will meet for the first time
at Nanyang Polytechnic. On this day, they will go through a quick briefing on the
competition and the theme, before heading off for immersion visits to various
partner agencies’ sites in the morning. In the afternoon, invited guest speakers
will be present to share insights of how their agencies’ work contribute to Total

The visits and speaking sessions give students the opportunity to gain first-hand
experience and a deeper understanding of the roles and work of respective
agencies that contributes to a strong Singapore.

5th Sept 2016 (Mon) – The Top 100 Teams will pitch for a spot in the Top 40
teams to our panel of judges. Results will be announced in the evening.

6th Sept 2016 (Tue) – The Top 40 Teams undergo a short session to refine their
story with the help of our experienced trainers. They will then pitch again for a
spot in the Top 20 teams. Results will be announced in the evening.

7th Sept 2016 (Wed) – The Top 20 Teams will attend a full-day training on the
basics of animation and get some hands-on in both the 2D Digital Animation and
a Stop-Motion Animation workshops.

8th – 9th Sept 2016 (Thurs - Fri) – The Top 20 Teams will learn how to create a
storyboard to showcase their story, make further refinements to their story and
rehearse for their final pitch on Saturday.

10th Sept 2016 (Sat) – The Top 20 Teams deliver their final pitch to emerge as
one of the Top 10 finalists. The 10 Finalists get to turn their story idea into a 1-
minute animation during their year-end school holidays. Results will be
announced in the evening.


Besides checking their website, do follow them on InstagramFacebook Page and Twitter.
There will be daily video highlights on N.E.mation! YouTube Channel and Facebook Page.
“Live” behind-the-scene moments and result announcements on Snapchat (Username: "nemators")

(add us using our username “nemators”)

Simply participate in their periodic contests, “Guess the Top 10 Team” contest to win attractive prizes. More information about “Guess The Top 10 Team” contest will be revealed on the N.E .mation! Facebook Page on 4th September.



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