5 things to do in Makassar Indonesia

Makassar is the provincial capital of South Sulawesi, Indonesia and it is located on the southwest coast of the island of Sulawesi, facing the Makassar Strait. It is the largest city on Sulawesi Island in terms of population, and the fifth largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, and Medan. The city was previously named Ujung Pandang during 1971 to 1999.

So what are the things to do in Makassar? =)

#1 Visit Kodingareng KeKe Island.

Take a photo and pretend you just came ashore to this beautiful island- Kodingareng KeKe Island

Relax and just float on the crystal clear sea.
Kodingareng Keke is one of several uninhabited islands in South Sulawesi. The island is located about 14 km from Losari Makassar, or about 20 to 30 minutes from Samalona Island. The island is a small island that extends from the northeast to the southwest. The total area of the island is one hectare and you can easily walk around the whole island. It takes about 40 minutes ferry ride from the city of Makassar, Bangkao Wooden Jetty to reach this beautiful island with white sandy beach and crystal clear blue water. 

It is a perfect place for diving and snorkeling as the coral reefs are also natural. When is a good time to visit the island? Between June to September or when it is not in the rainy season. 

This island is an uninhabited island. However there are gazebos or shelters built for visitor to take some rest. 

Some Travel Advice:

- Be there early so you can get find a good spot. 
- Please bring your own food and drinks especially drinking water.
- Bring a picnic mat so you can have a picnic or for sun tanning.
- Bring your sunblock, shades, hats and swimsuit. 
- Bring your own snorkeling gear (if you have) if not you can rent it at Samalona Island. 
- Bring a underwater camera or a waterproof pouch cases for your phone so that you can take underwater photo. 
- The best timing to visit the island is between June to September.

#2 Visit Bulusaraung National Park

Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park is a national park in South Sulawesi in Indonesia.This national park is well known for its large karst area of 43,750 hectares and has 286 caves, which includes 33 pre-historic caves.(karst refers to a type of geological formation that is shaped by the dissolution of soluble bedrock).

The Bantimurung Waterfall at 15 meters high and 20 across is one of the major attractions of the Bulusaraung National Park. 

There are 2 cave beside the waterfall, the one on the left side is known as the dream cave (one-kilometer long) and the one on the right is known as the stone cave.

Don't just enjoy looking at the raging fall, you can also beat the heat by either soaking in the water or leaning right up against it. Be more adventurous, try tubing down the small section of rapids. Tubes are available for rental.

#3 Sunset at Losari Beach

Losari Beach (Pantai Losari) is the name of long stretch of waterfront in the middle of the city. It is a great place for sunset lovers. 

After watching sunset, you can enjoy some street food from the food stalls set up every night at Laguna ( just side gate to the modern city of Tanjung ).

#4 Visit Fort Rotterdam

Fort Rotterdam is a 17th-century fort in Makassar on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. It is a Dutch fort built on top of an existing fort of the Gowa Kingdom. The original fort, Jum Pandan (allegedly named after the pandanus trees growing in the vicinity), gave its name to the city Ujung Pandang, another name for the city of Makassar.

The fort is now used to held various events. There is a conservatory for music and dance, archive of the city, and a historic and archaeological institute. Come here if you wanna learn more about the history.

#5 Enjoy local culinary experience at Rumah Makan (restaurant) Muda Mudi 

The resturant is one of Makassar's most awarded restaurant and it is located at 

Jl. Rusa No.45 A, Maricaya, Kec. Makassar, Kota Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan 90142, Indonesia.

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