All Watches Presents to you the REC Watches P-51 Automatic Collection

These beautiful and gorgeous looking watches are made from metal parts of iconic cars!

Even ladies can wear them.
Thanks Elaine for introducing me to the Media Preview of the NEW REC Watches P-51 Automatic Collection distributed by All Watches. Inspired by the design of the classic 1960s Ford Mustang, the brand worked with the metal parts from these salvaged cars and incorporated it into the very product itself, while promising that every watch is visually unique.

Every REC Watches P-51 Automatic timepiece includes a custom four-piece cases, handmade dials, and sports a highly-reliable Miyota 9130 automatic movement. It also comes complete with date- and power-reserve functions; these ensures a watch that boasts of both supreme functionality, and as a bold, fashion statement.

Along with every timepiece also attached with a special story card – upon scanning the QR code, one will be led to a short documentary of the 1960s Ford Mustang (or any other automobile specific to the REC Watches collection) that was intricately crafted into the precious timepiece. On top of that, every watch dial from the P-51 Automatic Collection is also engraved with the one-of-a-kind vehicle identification number of the car it was made from.

This collection is unveiled to a crowd of esteemed industry insiders, journalists, and digital influencers, at Ford Showroom (305 Alexandra Road, Singapore 159942) – housing one of the most reliable, leading automotive vehicles in the world.

REC Watches P-51 Automatic Collection is exclusively available at all All Watches retail stores, and each timepiece from this collection retails at SGD 1,980. 

For more information on REC Watches, please visit

During the Media Preview, we managed to have a chat with Mr Thomas Dusinius Kronevald – Chief Sales Officer of REC Watches. Scroll down and find out what Mr Thomas shared with us.

From left: Elaine, Mr Thomas Dusinius Kronevald and myself

What are the brand values that REC Watches embody?

The brand value which REC Watches embody is respecting the values of the iconic cars which REC watches look into when they want to produce the watches.

REC Watches also embodys the values of the watch industry itself without being too conservative and pushing the limits to create something that is unique and limited.

What are some of the most important decisions you make as the CSO of REC Watches?

Decision making is fun because sometimes you have to make a difficult decision ahead of you that could take your brand somewhere or that could really lower your brand. 

I think some of the good decisions made would be the partners we choose to work worldwide like All Watches in Singapore because you can feel the commitment that really complements the brand. It is like creating a family that understands the brand values.

Joining the company was one of the best decisions I made as well.  From a personal point of view, I was in the watch industry for 17 years and I wanted to try something new.  With REC watches, we comprise of 4 people in total and that is where I can work with people more on a personal basis, in an office in Copenhagen.

I take care of sales and marketing and because of the small team, I can ask anybody for opinions and I will get it.  We work very close together and come up with good ideas. 

We are coming up with a limited edition of P-51 for Christmas and we all chipped in ideas and that would not happen in a company with 200 staff.  We have fun. Basically everyday we laugh.  We created a common group of in Messenger where we text each other stuff that’s funny… like a small family.

At the moment, we are at the balance where it is starting to tip over.  Sales is growing so at Spring time, we might bring in staff for sales and marketing and maybe a designated person for either Asia, Europe or USA to help me.

For marketing side, especially Social Media, we probably need an extra guy for that.

As a relatively new watch brand in the market (officially launch was in February 2014), how is REC Watches able to remain forward and competitive in such a concentrated market?

One of the things we do is we appreciate the reviews, esp P-51 from Bloomberg, Watch collectors, Car collectors, etc, but we don’t just stick it around.

it is like a trophy, we look at it and appreciate it, then we put it away.  If we need to win another trophy, we need to stay focused.

We did great stuff with P-51Ford Mustang, but for the upcoming collection for March 2017 which is the Porsche 911, it is a completely different car therefore it will be a completely different watch. So far, from the drawings and assemble, it is going to be special.  It will blow everyone away.

How has REC Watches revolutionised the timepiece industry?

Men have different passions like wine, cars, watches, girls, etc.

We wanted to take that passion for watches to combine with cars that wasn’t seen before.

We wanted people to appreciate the details and the iconic car in a way that is stlll timeless and contemporary in 2016. So if I look at this REC watch, I am not looking at this car from 60s, I am still looking at a very contemporary timeless watch, with details from a beautiful car Ford Mustang.

With REC watches, we ended up with a piece of the car withn the watch.  The dial itself is from a Ford Mustang 65 and every watch is unique. If you look at the dial of this P-51watch, it is different from the dial of another P-51 watch.

Only 350 watches are made from this Ford Mustang. So worldwide, this Ford Mustang gave birth to 350 watches, So once the watches are sold out from REC watches, you can’t get any more out of that car. Uniqueness, limited quantities and great concept of combining a iconic car into a modern watch, what is not to like about it?

What are the challenges REC Watches are facing when competition is keen in the retail globally, and in Asia?

I don’t see that we have many challenges.  We have a good group of partners worldwide who understand the brand concept of REC Watches.

One of our main challenges is not to grow too fast. I have to say No to distributors.  How often do you get to say NO, except if you have kids. (laughs)

We get enquiries from retailers from different markets.  We decided in beginning of Sept 2016 to not to open up new markets till 2017. 

We open up 30 countries for last 6 months and we need watches for these countries.  The retailers are beginning to sell and they are ordering from distributors and we need to have enough watches for them.

E-commence has been huge part of sales of late; do you think that it can potentially eventually evolve to timepieces as well – a purchase many would consider as big-ticket?

Absolutely, I would say it is too old fashion not to explore that channel.  If I were to spend a million dollars on marketing, 80% will go to online marketing to support influencers, bloggers, facebook, IG, etc. That would probably be the place I would get it back as an investment.

From the retailer’s point of view, It is an invitation to explore a completely new channel as a retailer.  Many see jewels, accessories, watches etc, as touch and feel products.  Sales could be created online, and customer would still go to the retailer to adjust the setting or repair watches and next time, when customers want to buy a watch, they will look at both channels.

What are some exciting plans and/or products we can expect from REC Watches?

P-51 will be released in limited edition in Christmas.  We will be playing with the colours, for example, black strap with red stitching and red is somewhere on the dial. Only 250 pieces will be available worldwide.

REC Watches made from Porsche 911 will be coming up in March 2017.

Which is your favourite REC Watches timepiece, and why?

It is like choosing a favorite child… Hhmm… I think I can narrow down to two.
Cooper C2 is one of my favorite due to its simplicity.   I think it is very pure in design. It feels light on your waist. 

Another favorite is the P51-02.  It is born with brown leather strap, but I like it with the denim straps.

When I think of the America in the 60s, I think of Elvis Presley, Bruce Springsteen, burgers, Ford Mustang and all the good things that came out in the 60s…the whole revolution somehow. I am very much into music, the P51-02 somehow got the heavy chunky denim look which is one of my favorite looks.

How many countries are REC Watches stocked at?
REC Watches are currently stocked in 30 countries like Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, HK, Spore, USA

We are starting now in Malaysia and we have big expectations for that too.

On me is the REC Watches P-51

Photo-taking with Ford Mustang

Information on P-51 Automatic Collection by REC Watches

Made with reclaimed 1960s Ford Mustangs – the iconic car that symbolises freedom, and opportunity.

P51-01 in Black Calf Leather Strap

Product Features:
Skeleton/Orange Printed Hands
Metallic/Black PVD Stainless Steel Case with Laser Engraving
Stainless Steel Bezel
Black Dial, with White Numerals
Sapphire Crystal Glass with Anti-Reflecting (AR) Coating

P51-02 in Brown Calf Leather Strap
Product Features:
Skeleton/Blue Printed Hands 
Metallic/Black PVD Stainless Steel Case with Laser Engraving
Black PVD Bezel  
White/Grey Dial, with Grey Numerals
Sapphire Crystal Glass with Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating

Product Features:
Skeleton/White Printed Gold Colour Hands
Black PVD Stainless Steel Case with Laser Engraving
4N Gold Bezel
Anthracite Dial, with Gold Numerals
Sapphire Crystal Glass with Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating
Double Black Calf Leather Strap

REC Watches P-51 Automatic Collection is exclusively available at all All Watches retail stores, and each timepiece from this collection retails at SGD 1,980. 

All Watches Retail Stores
1) All Watches  Bugis Junction 
Bugis Junction 200 Victoria Street, #01‐104, S188021
Tel +65 6337 0669

2) All Watches Chinatown Point
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