World's First Peking Duck Hawker Stall

Peking Duck lovers alerts, 
now you can enjoy Peking Duck even at hawker stall in Singapore without burning a hole in your pocket.

Majestic Peking Duck is the first Peking Duck hawker stall in Singapore, maybe the world. Located at Makansutra Gluttons Bay and led by award-winning and celebrity chef Yong Bing Ngen, and chef Yang Lai Fatt from Majestic Restaurant Group, a subsidiary assembly of Unlisted Collection, they bring this fine restaurant dish to the masses to enjoy this delicacies- the price tag is less than half of what it is offered at restaurants. 

They do it on the spot in an Apollo oven- the duck is roasted, skinned, wrapped and plated before your eyes.

The food here tasted amazing and there is a good selection of duck dishes too!
Here are some photo of the dishes on display with the prices (Price may subject to changes).

Crispy Roasted Duck (Half)- $36

Boiled Duck Soup with Preserved Vegetables - $10

Poached Pork Dumpling - $12.80

 Crispy Soft Shell Crab with Mango - $16

Crispy Duck Wings, Sweet & Sour Sauce - $8

Crispy Cereal Duck Fried Rice - $8

Organic Leafy Salad with Sliced Duck - $12

Crispy Duck Noodles - $9.80

Oven Roast Peking Duck wrapped with Pancakes (10pcs) - $24

They also have daily special, so do keep a look out!

These are what I had that evening!

Boiled Duck Soup with Preserved Vegetables
It was slightly salty (I think because of the preserved vegetables. But goes really well with rice.

Crispy Duck Noodles
I like the crispiness of the noodles and perfect with the gravy on top.

Organic Leafy Salad with Sliced Duck.
Yes, veggies are my MUST HAVE every meal! First time having salad with sliced duck! The duck meat was really tasty and goes well with the veggies and the savoury sweet sauce with hints of tanginess and nuttiness from crushed toasted peanuts.

Oven Roast Peking Duck wrapped with Pancakes (10pcs).

Only $24 for ten piece- a world first!
This dish would usually cost SGD68++ at Majestic restaurants!
Same quality as what you get in the restaurant!  

The roast duck skin and meat were soft and juicy! 
This is the best Peking duck you can get in Singapore for this price. 

Majestic Peking Duck 
Makansutra Gluttons Bay 
8 Raffles Ave, The Esplanade 

Mon-Thu 5pm to 2am, 
Fri-Sat 5pm-3am, Sun 4pm-1am