Pre-order your meal the next time you fly with Jetstar!

Planning for a trip to somewhere? If you are flying with Jetstar Asia (3K), don't forget to pre-order your hot meal! There's a new in-flight menu to check out!!!

Here are some reasons why you should pre-order your meal:
• Save up to 20% 
• Reserve your first choice and avoid disappointment. 
• Be one of the first to be served first, and you no need to wait for the meal trolley to come to you.

Here are the the 4 different options of their hot meals which I tried during my trip to Hong Kong and coming back to Singapore with Jetstar:

Ayam bakar $12.00 SGD 
Indonesian style barbecued chicken served with fragrant rice and lightly spiced vegetables.
  The meat was sweet and rich-tasting

Penne pasta $12.00 SGD 
Penne pasta with vegetable ratatouille tomato pomodoro.
It's yummy and tangy to my liking.

Black pepper chicken $12.00 SGD 
Roast chicken and vegetables with black pepper sauce. The chicken is moist and tender and well infused with flavour.

Shrimp pineapple fried rice $12.00 SGD 
Thai style pineapple fried rice with shrimp and chilli.
It is a mix of savory, sweet and spicy! This is definitely my favorite!

Not filling enough, you can always get some snacks and coffee.

Brownies, beers and soft drinks are also available in the menu.
If you are a beer-drinkers, you can get a can of Hoegarden for only $5 with pre-purchased meal!

The quality of the food surpasses average cafĂ© standards in Singapore without any doubt. 
Food and drinks on the menu are also fairly affordable.
Click here to view the full 3k cafe menus
Pre-order your hot meal now here!

If you are someone like me who don't really sleep during the flight, you can grab the Jetstar magaizne that is placed in front of your seat. The magazine provides provides dining and travel information, insights and recommendations. Be sure to grab one during your flight because it is complimentary!

Need extra leg-room?
If you’re an Economy Starter or Economy Starter Plus passenger you’ll pay a fee to select an extra legroom seat (located at the exit rows). Economy Starter Max passengers can select an extra legroom seat as part of their fare.
Read here for more info.

Wow so spacious!!!

For more information and promotion of Jetstar, click here now!



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