3D2N in Club Med Cherating Beach @ Malaysia!

It was an exciting moment when I received invitation to spend 3D2N at Club Med! The last time William went to Club Med was in April 2015, which was at Club Med Bali, so if you want to know about Club Med Bali you can visit William’s post at: http://onlywilliam.blogspot.sg/2015/04/club-med-bali-all-inclusive-go.html

By the way, do you know that Club Med has 8 regions around the world with 23 locations for you to choose from?! If you want to know about the location, you can search https://www.clubmed.com.sg/ to find out more!

Let’s not wait any longer and let me share with you my travel experience! In order to reach Club Med Cherating Beach, you must travel to the east of Malaysia, Kuantan. And so I had the privilege to travel with Firefly Airlines, from Singapore to Kuantan in just 50minutes.

Here is a snapshot of how we got into the aircraft, the plane looks small here but inside it was actually quite comfortable.

Because I brought a drone along with me, so I had to fit drone underneath the front seat so it took up the space for my legs. If the drone were not there, it would have been enough space for my legs. With such a short flight, onboard snacks & drinks were provided; I must say for a quick flight to Malaysia, Firefly Airline is probably the most convenient. You can check out their availability flights here: http://www.fireflyz.com.my

Once you reach the domestic airport at Kuantan, there will be a chartered bus waiting for you. It is part of arrangement by Club Med to fetch you from the airport to their resort, so thoughtful! The overall bus journey takes about 30-40 minutes depending on the traffic.

Once you reach Club Med, you can say that you have reached a town in paradise. Why do I use paradise? Let me tell you TEN REASONS why it is a paradise in Club Med Cherating Beach.

1) The Club Med Spirit
Why Club Med is so unique, is because of the staffs that work here. They are known as G.O (Gentle Organisateur), basically they run the whole resort. They can make you feel at home and their energies are contagious. Even though they are seeing you for the first time, their friendliness can make you feel close to them.

2) Into the Nature
The resort itself is eco-friendly, so most of the structures were built out of logs and heavily fortified. You can hear the bird chippings and wild monkeys gathering on the roof. If you like being close to nature, then this is one of the resorts that you must live in!

3) Unlimited & free flow drinks @ Club Med Bar
What is a resort where you have to pay to drink? Here in Club Med Cherating Beach; as long as the bar is opened, you can order any alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks in the list. You can drink in the morning, afternoon or at night, sitting down beside the pool and enjoy the scenery view.

4) Night Performance by GOs
Every night, each performance is different. You will get to see the resort GOs performing for you. You would experience a day and night difference in their personalities. I even got to know that the Resort Manager was able to minic Micheal Jackson’s signature move – Moonwalk, from his amazing dance performance!

5) Nature Walk/Sea & Land Recreational Activities
The resort is full of activities and there are many recreational activities for you to choose! From sailing in the sea to jungle walk, tree top challenge, or even archery. There are expert who will accompany, coach and lead you to finish the sports activities properly! Amazing experience!

6) Club Med Zen Pool
If you are feeling tired and want to experience out of the cities vibe, then you must head to the Zen Pool. It is beach side pool where a charted mini train will bring you to the pool. Here, you can rest and enjoy the serenity of the sea waves. And of course, free drinks at the Zen Pool to complete the evening.

  7) International Buffet & Noodle Bar
At Club Med, you will never feel hungry because there are a few exclusive places for you to dine in. At the international buffet, you can pick up local dishes and international food from Japan, Korea and western etc. If you still feel hungry, there is always noodle bar where they have soba noodles and even ramen to fill your stomach!

8) Beach View from Balcony
Even if you are away from the beach, your room’s balcony can easily smell and hear the sound of the waves. When you close your eyes and resting on your comfortable bed, the sounds of the seas just bring you back to Zen Pool. Usually premium resorts charges you expensively for this view, but in Club Med, everything is all provided, even the view of the beach.

9) Morning Yoga Session
If you like to enjoy less strenuous activity, why not try the yoga session in the morning? The yoga session happens after the sunrise, you can enjoy the sea breeze and relax your mind and body.

10) You Don’t Have To Plan
The best part of the resort is you do not have to purposely plan what you want to do during your stay. The GOs in the resort have got it covered, they have arranged and coordinated every program during your stay. All you need to do is to look at the list of program and pick one that interests you.

Below is a short summary of my 3D2N stay at Club Med Cherating Beach. It was truly an amazing trip to experience nature and a getaway from urban city. I was told by some of the GOs, there are even people who stay for MONTHS. I WISH I COULD DO THAT TOO.

If you are thinking about beach resort, then you must come to Club Med Cherating Beach.

Video filmed and edited by GJ Choo.

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