Uskoop, The new-age revolution of shopping

You don’t have to travel all the way to that country just to shop for your favourite items. Do it at home. Wait for your package. Enjoy

Simply amazing.

I could start crossing out “shopping days” off my travel itinerary because there’s not much of a need to in future. Unless, of course, if we’re talking about souvenirs.
The red tape, shipping restrictions and sky-high tariffs can be a real pain when it comes to sourcing for items that are only available overseas. Some of them don’t even bother shipping to our country. And even if they did, the shipping fees are outrageous – costing more than the item itself!
In this case we’d usually beg our friends or families who are travelling overseas to help us do the shopping.
Say no more.
One website is revolutionising the way we shop online. Uskoop.
The concept is so simple, clean, honest and quick that shopping is easier than doing your household chores. If you’re tired of the variety at your local shopping malls, explore a whole new world of overseas merchants and grab your hands on exclusive items from around the globe for a steal.
Here’s why.
I simply find the brand or product I need. Macy’s can’t be found locally, and I’m really digging these new pair of boots. Not just that, you can choose from a vast variety of products in its massive selections of brands and companies.

 It redirects you to the merchant’s official online store, where, once again, you can view their full selection of items and browse till the sun goes up. 

I’m browsing men’s boots and aiming the one on the right. Now all I have to do is copy the product URL in the search bar, and…

Paste it here on the Uskoop home page..

Et Voila! It shows the full price including overseas shipping fees and local delivery fees as well.
Just checkout, make your payment and wait for your stuff to arrive.

And that’s it. The website’s user-friendliness is as good as a best friend who makes your shopping experience so simple, quick and clean. There’s even a customer service chatbox during working hours.

Uskoop has also made sure to make the shopping experience easier than it already is – with a useful plugin option for both Chrome and Firefox users.

Follow these links and the simple step-by-step instructions.

Once its installed, simply go to any of the merchant websites and browse for the product you want anywhere and anytime.
For example, this time, I am interested in a sturdy, excellent material, travelling backpack from top-quality brand The North Face. A particular model is only available in the U.S. and I’d like to order it back to Singapore. Once I’ve found the product, I simply click on the Uskoop plugin located at the top right corner of my browser bar..

And it immediately links me to the final price. Once again, overseas shipping fees and local delivery fees are ALL included inside the final price. Just checkout with your payment details and it will start getting shipped as soon as possible!

The Uskoop assistant plugin fetches you the final price of your desired object within a simple  click. Superb convenience and simplicity.

On a side note, are you sick and tired of marketing gimmicks and “over-hyped” promotions?
“MASSIVE DISCOUNTS” and “SUPER-LOW PRICES” ironically sounds like a turn-off because we only see the hidden costs and terms and conditions that did not apply to our shopping cart at the end, causing a huge, pent-up frustration. It’s just as good as click-bait where you just get lured into the website because of a lying headline.
It’s extremely satisfying to see the final and full price laid out infront of you. Don’t forget that this is the raw price, and we have not even mentioned about the special promotions that the merchants might have in store for you. Uskoop also ensures that if you buy more items in one checkout, discounts will be given under the “Buy More Save More” promotion! The savings increase as you update your shopping cart with larger quantities of purchases.
This is an example of the Buy More Save More promotion giving me a $7.37 discount if I select a total of 4 items. This discount will get bigger if I had put added more items into the shopping cart.

Wow! On top of lower shipping fees, I get more discounts if I buy more in one transaction. That’s fantastik!

Uskoop handles your order from purchasing to merchant shipping all the way to your doorstep. This saves you the headache of tracking separately with merchant and shipping partner. What a boost!

You don’t even have to worry about defective goods. Uskoop unconditionally guarantees that your items are provided by trusted suppliers and come in tip-top mint condition.
Here’s the kicker – even if you dislike your purchase after it arrives in your home, you can still make an exchange, as long as you ship it back in its original condition within 48 hours!
No regrets.

Uskoop offers a $10 discount for UOB Mastercard/Visa cardholders, and for all DBS/POSB cardholders as well. Be sure to be updated on the latest promotions on their website, turn on your inner kiasu-ness and take advantage of all the discounts to get a truly best buy.
On top of that, there are monthly instalment plans for up to 6 and 12 months for DBS/POSB cardholders. Now you can shop the desired brands and products from overseas merchants and spread your monthly payments comfortably.

Ride on the trend, save your time and effort, save that overseas ticket and start shopping within the comfort of your home. Try now and thank me later.

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