My Magnificent Stay with MGM MACAO

Standing at 154-meter tall, MGM Macao is one of luxurious five-star hotel resort with many distinguishing features. Inspired by arts, every element of the hotel is infused with a sense of creativity and style.
Its world-class facilities include Tria Spa, authentic art pieces, and eight signature restaurants and bars to fulfil any gastronomic cravings. Truly a work of art all of its own, MGM Macao is the destination for world-class entertainment and style.

Get amazed by the European-inspired Grand Praca, housed under a stunning glass ceiling located near the lobby entrance. Two grand staircases cascade down from a stunning façade, crafted in the image of Lisbon’s Central Train Station.

In the centre, lies a vivid, cylindrical aquarium, that symbolises luck and good fortune in Chinese culture. You may find various species of fish, as well as the rays, glide timelessly around a vibrant column of coral.


MGM Macao has 582 luxurious hotel rooms in total. 468 guestrooms, 99 suites and 15 villas. There are 6 different room types. Guest may choose the preferred room types based on their preference.
Check out the Grand Deluxe Ocean View Room that I stayed during my trip to Macao. Remarkable contemporary design permeates the room, providing you with the perfect mix of wonder and luxury.

Wake up every morning to a truly awe-inspiring sight. A clear view of the ocean sets these rooms apart – offering you a vantage point unlike any other to be seduced by Macao’s natural majesty.

Soak yourself in the bathtub with premium sea salt that was provided by the hotel while you read your favourite novel or putting on your face mask. This could be the best moment for you after a long day of touring the city.


Visit the hotel’s outdoor pool for a relaxing and fun experience. Unwind where the sea meets the sky. Whether you’re enjoying a dip in the infinity pool or taking in the 180˚ view of the South China Sea from the Jacuzzi, poolside is the perfect place to chill out. If that wasn’t enough, sip on tropical drinks and cocktails or even enjoy a poolside spa treatment.

The pool and gym are located within the Spa. Pamper yourself at Tria Spa with a their signature treatments after an intense workout.


Includes the breakfast when you book a room with them. You will definitely love their breakfast at Rossio. Featuring an extensive buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Rossio is a place for a classically universal spread and a hearty buffet including interactive cooking stations preparing cuisines that cater to your desire.

A wonderful spread for a breakfast.


Address:MGM MACAO, Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen, NAPE, Macao
General Enquiries: (853) 8802 8888
Fax: (853) 8802 3333

This post was written in collaboration with Macao Government Tourism Office and MGM Macao.



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