6 Most Entertaining Venue to Visit in Macao

Macao is a vibrant city with various exciting activities to do and interesting places to visit that could make you want to visit them again for more. Globally well known as the Asia’s version of Las Vegas, Macao has a total of 29,725 hotel rooms spread across 73 hotel premises that range from 5-star deluxe to 2-star hotels that offers wide range of fun entertaining activities for all visitors.
Now you need not crack your head and think of what to do in Macao? Refer to the list below when you visit Macao and it will definitely make your visit worthwhile.

1)  Golden Reel – Suspended between the twin towers of Studio City at a height of 130 meters, the Golden Reel is the world’s first and Asia’s highest figure-8 Ferris wheel. It features 17 “Steampunk” – themed cabins, each accommodating up to 10 passengers on a memorable ride around the unique shaped figure-8 track. Once aboard, you can admire the breathtaking views of the city in different angles.

The magnificent outlook of the Golden Reel. It makes everyone so excited just by looking from the outside. This could be a different experience compare to taking a ride of a common Ferris wheel.

You can see through the glass panel below your feet that you can get a view of what’s happening below.

You can see clearly through the glass in the cabin from the top. It’s kind of thrilling but fun. 

Find them: Website: www.studiocity-macau.comTickets: Adult: HK$100; Child: HK$80; Senior: HK$85Contact: (853) 8868 6767Address: Level 3 Studio City, Estrada do Istmo, Cotai, MacaoOpening Hrs: 12:00 to 20:00 (Mon-Fri); 11:00 to 21:00 (Sat,Sun and PH)

2)  Batman Dark Flight – The world’s first 4D flight stimulation ride that is based on the DC Comics super hero Batman. The pulse racing adventure, Batman Dark Flight, allows you to become part of an epic experience as you accompany the legendary super hero through Gotham City on an action-pack mission, bringing some of his most notable Super Villains to justice.

After the ride at Golden Reel, it’s time for a blood-tingling adventure flight with Batman. Let’s enter the gate to experience the most incredible 4D adventure.

Go on an adventurous ride with Batman to battle through the explosive action and heart-stopping gunfire on the streets of Gotham City.

This will be no easy task as you will be fighting with notorious criminals like The Joker, Two-Face and Bane who are out to inflict damage and destruction on the mission.

Find them:

Tickets: Adult: HK$150; Child: HK$120; Senior: HK$125
Contacts: (853) 8868 6767
Address: Level 2 Studio City, Estrada do Istmo, Cotai, Macao
Opening Hrs: 12:00 to 20:00 (Mon-Fri); 11:00 to 21:00 (Sat,Sun and PH)

3)  The House of Magic – The House of Magic is one-of-a-kind multi-theatre attraction housing magic acts performed by leading magicians from around the world. Witness incredible illusions and fascinating trickery at every turn as you move from one performance to another - enjoying the excitement of 3 separate magic shows for the price of just one.

Offering thrills that will last a lifetime, this extraordinary arena has announced itself as the new international home of magic. It was a mind-bending show that amazes all the guest that visit.

Then again, some of these presentations was so shocking, mind-blowing and astounding that they leave you wondering if they are for real.

Find them:

Tickets: Adult: HK$450; Child: HK$360; Senior: HK$380
Contacts: (853) 8868 6767
Address: Level 2 Studio City, Estrada do Istmo, Cotai, Macao
Showtimes: 16:00, 18:00, 20:30 (Mon-Fri); 14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 20:30 (Sat,Sun and PH)

4)  The House of Dancing Water Show – A breath-taking water-based show that draws its creative inspiration from the roots of Chinese culture, particularly the ‘seven emotions’ derived from classical Confucian beliefs, and destined to be the most extravagant live production ever staged in Asia. 

The 2,000-seater purpose-built dancing water theatre offers spectators a 270-degree view of the show, houses the world largest commercial pool holding up to 3.7 gallons of water and features 258 automated fountains. The pool is bigger than 5 Olympic-size pools and takes only 1 min to convert from pool to stage.

It was so beautiful. The balanced fusion of ballet and Chinese dancing movement and the mixture of western and eastern art in one fine performance is certainly a must-watch performance when you visit Macao.

Get amazed by the World’s largest and most spectacular water-based show with water diving stunts, motorbikes acrobatic stunts, aerial acrobatics and more. This 90-mins jaw-dropping performance starts 8pm sharp with no delay and no intermission.

Find Them:

Tickets: Adult: From HK$580; Child: From HK$406; Senior: From HK$522
Contacts: (853) 8868 6767
Address:  Dancing Water Theater at City of Dreams, Estrada do Istmo, Cotai, Macau

5)  Macao Tower – Visit Macao most iconic landmark. The Tower is 338 metre at its highest point. Indoor observation lounge is 223m above ground level where visitors can get to enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of the city. If you are here for an memorable adventure, visit the 61st deck for exciting and fun activities such as Bungy Jump, SkyJump, SkyWalk and Tower Climb.

     Due to time constraint, I only did the skywalk with the mates. Cameras and phones are not allowed to bring it with you during the walk. During the walk, there will be a guide that will guide you through the journey and request you to do some actions for photo taking purpose. The guide will do his/her best to take beautiful pictures of you and will save those pictures in a thumb drive and give it to you as a souvenir. These photos are not chargeable as it has already been included in the package.

     Check out the amazing pictures that was taken by the friendly guide.

Sitting at edge of walk way. Its cooling outside and we got the best view of Macao.

Hands-free pose. We are all dangling in the air.

We were asked to swing from one spot to another. It’s a must to wear a shoelace covered shoes for the skywalk. If you do not have one, sneakers can be loan at the counter free of charge.

6)  Pier 16 Macau 3D world – The approximately 18,000 square feet museum has over 100 photography points, offering visitors a chance to pose for interesting photos with the various exhibits and 3D paintings. Through illusion technology, visitors can climb majors buildings such as the Macau Tower, Ruins of St.Paul, etc.

Not forgetting the World’s first Michael Jackson exhibition which combines 3D artworks. Visitors can take photos in classic MJ scenes with this superstar. 

Get surrounded by the dinosaurs from the Jurassic time. Don’t panic as there will be special sound effects that makes the 3D artwork even more real. 

The Pier 16 Macau 3D world has more 5 different themes for you to explore. Let’s express your creativity by becoming part of the art pieces that take their fancy and change the formation of the paintings through personal participation.

Find them:

Tickets: Per Person $88
Contacts: (853) 2895 1011
Opening Hrs: 10:00-22:00(Mon-Sun)

*This post was written in collaboration with Macao Government Tourism Office.
IG: www.instagram.com/experiencemacao.sg



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