Golden Peony Introduces London Duck X.O. Sauce Rice Dumpling This Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival is rowing into town on 30 May, bringing with it the most delectable dumplings to commemorate this occasion. Well the dumpings are usually wrapped in bamboo leaves and come in all different shapes and sizes, what we’re more interested in are the new flavours that the chefs have come up with each year. 

Golden Peony introduces three new creations of Rice Dumplings in addition to perennial favourites to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. 

The highlight this festival is the London Duck X.O. Sauce Rice Dumpling. This fragrant dumpling contains succulent roast duck meat, chunks of melt-in-your-mouth braised pork belly and mushrooms, wrapped in soft glutinous rice complimented by Golden Peony’s signature homemade X.O. sauce.


 Also making its debut this year are two other new flavours – a healthy Wholesome Vegetarian Multigrain Rice Dumpling filled with mushrooms including decadent black truffle, and a sweet Golden Pumpkin Rice Dumpling.

 Back by popular demand is the local favourite Singapore Chilli Crab Rice Dumpling, 

as well as the perennial signature Traditional Hong Kong Style Rice Dumpling

X.O 咸 肉 粽
London Duck X.O. Sauce Rice Dumpling
Roast duck, pork belly, mushroom, chestnuts and X.O. chilli sauce
$18.80 per piece
五 谷 米 菘 露 野 菌 粽
Wholesome Vegetarian Multigrain Rice Dumpling
Black truffle, mushroom and lotus seed
$12.80 per piece
Golden Pumpkin Rice Dumpling
Pumpkin and lotus paste
$8.80 per piece
Back by Popular Demand
Singapore Chilli Crab Rice Dumpling
Chilli crab claw meat and homemade chilli crab sauce
$18.80 per piece
Traditional Hong Kong Style Rice Dumpling
Abalone, mung beans, roast pork, dong bo pork, chicken, dried scallops, salted egg yolk, Chinese mushroom, lotus seed and chestnuts
$28.80 per piece

All prices are subject to prevailing GST.

May 10 to 30, 2017
Golden Peony
Conrad Centennial Singapore
Two Temasek Boulevard Singapore 038982
Tel: +65 6432 7482/8

For orders, please visit  



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