The Landmark – Halal Buffet!

As its name suggests – The Landmark is a gathering place that is hard to miss. Situated at level 5 of Bugis Village Hotel, it is 5-minutes’ walk from Bugis MRT and serves up the fine flavours of international cuisine with Western, Asian, Indian and Mediterranean influences. Diners may choose to dine indoors in the exquisite dining hall catered for large groups and families, alfresco by the poolside or at the cosy romantic balcony, set against the majestic Sultan Mosque.

Known as an award-winning Halal dining venue, with credits to its two celebrity chefs, Chef Amri and Chef Bob, it is no surprise that the restaurant draws a crowd and largely Muslim diners. While we thought, we were early for the 6.30pm dinner buffet, there was already a line of diners waiting to enter the restaurant. Advanced booking to reserve a table will be highly recommended.

If you prefer less crowd and a view while savouring your meal, you may like to opt for alfresco dining by the pool or facing the majestic Sultan Mosque. The overall ambience of the place is lively and joyful, uplifting our moods. Furthermore, the service is commendable, you’ll find approachable staff and chefs carrying bright smiles.

Look forward to an aromatic spread of appetisers and mains as the chefs showcase an array of textures and flavours. The snack station is topped with sweet and savoury bites.

 There is also a variety of greens for your salad. 

Pamper your taste buds with scrumptious dishes across different cuisines, such as Beef Rendang, Chicken Roll with Rosemary Sauce, Black Pepper Prawns, Fresh and juicy Prawns and Oysters, Roasted Beef, Chilli Crab, Sup Tulang and freshly grilled Satays. The selection may not be extensive but for the quality of food and the price of $30++ per pax for dinner, it is definitely worth it!

The Beef Rendang is a dish that you’ve got to taste at every Asian cuisine to appreciate the richness of spices and flavours coming altogether from the rempah (spice paste) and meat. The chefs at Landmark are generous in their use of herbs and spices, the first bite of the Beef Rendang at Landmark will delightfully awaken your senses. It is fragrant, the meat is well-seasoned and tender, readily deconstructed inside the mouth and finally the sapid rempah contains just the right amount of saltiness and spiciness. The result is mouth-watering.

The black pepper prawn was fresh and appetizing, a tad more black pepper sauce would make it perfect! The Chicken Roll with Rosemary sauce was pleasantly sweet, smooth and full; a great dish for those who love their chicken saucy. The colourful mix vegetables complement the variety of meat well, they add a good crunch to the overall taste. Lastly the Nasi Briyani was non-greasy and cooked with sweet-smelling fluffy basmati rice. 

For those who loves chilli crabs, be sure to try these from The Landmark! Unlike the Chinese-style chilli crabs, this version has a spicier punch to it. Though the crab may look smaller compared to some restaurants, it has a thin shell that can be easily broken and it is actually rather meaty. Besides the spicy gravy, what makes this crab irresistible is the freshness and sweetness of the crab meat. The texture is rather mushy compared to most crabs but the taste was simply palatable! It was difficult to stop at one piece.

The roasted meat was one of the regularly replenished dish at the buffet. The chef will freshly slice it at the station. The meat has been cooked until it is rather well-done, hence the texture slightly tough for my liking. You can choose to complement it with the sweet and smoky BBQ sauce or for those who enjoy the piquant peppery taste – top it off with black pepper sauce!

With an entire poolside pavilion catered for the satay station, it says a lot about the dedication put into this delicacy. The satays at Landmark was grilled to perfection. You can literally bite into goodness as you chew on the tender Chicken and Mutton meat. It is succulent and did not taste a slight bit burnt. Dipping it into the warm and well-balanced satay sauce, the result is heavenly.

Before you leave the buffet counter for the desserts, indulge in a warm and hearty bowl of Sop Kambing. The murky gravy was thick and luscious. It is served with a generous portion of mutton, which has been simmered till it falls off the bone easily. Recommended to use a straw to seep out the meat within the marrow to taste the fullness of the dish.

The Landmark also serves an assortment of cakes, nonya kuehs, free flow cupped ice creams and beverages. You can conclude the dinner with these pleasurably delicious cakes and bouncy kuehs!

Daily Breakfast Buffet
6.30am – 10.30am
Adult: $18 ++

Children (3-7 years old): $10 ++

Daily Lunch Buffet
12.00pm – 2.30pm
Monday – Friday: $20 ++ per adult
Saturday – Sunday: $25 ++ per adult
Children (3-7 years old): $13 ++

Daily Dinner Buffet
6.30pm – 10.30pm
Monday – Thursday: $30 ++ per adult
Friday – Sunday: $35 ++ per adult
Children (3-7 years old): $15 ++


390 Victoria Street
#05-01 Village Hotel Bugis
Singapore 188061

Post written by Magdalene. Follow her on Instagram



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