[Movie Review] God of War (NC16)

Starring martial arts legends like Vincent Zhao (best known for playing Chinese folk hero, Wang Fei Hung), Sammo Hung (Ip Man 2) and Yasuaki Kurata (Fist of Legend), this film is ready to impress. God of War is the second movie that I have watched this week involving pirates. The first movie was the blockbuster, Pirates of the Caribbean. I have to say, God of War is as exciting as Pirates of the Caribbean and should stay on the ‘To Watch List’!

The story sets in Ming Dynasty during the 16th century. For months, the Chinese army led by Commander Yu (Sammo Hung) had repeatedly failed to defeat the Japanese pirates who have taken over Cengang in Zhejiang. The attacks by the pirates were analysed and planned out by the astute samurai leader, Kumasawa (Kurata Yasuaki). The situation remains bleak for the Chinese, until a newly promoted shrewd and strong-principled general came along. General Qi Jiguang (Vincent Zhao) pushed the authority to allow him to build and train up a new army, consisting of good and righteous men. The way the story developed, from the day General Qi came across these men from Yiwu to the day he convinced, trained and led them to fight against the Japanese pirates really pulled at one’s heartstrings.

This is more than just a war between 20,000 Japanese pirates and 3000 men from General Qi’s army. The battle got more intense when the Japanese pirates divided its troops to conquer different cities. Qi’s army was caught between saving Taizhou to bring lasting peace to coastal cities or to save Xinhe where the families are.

Overall the cinematic effects are well-controlled, with realistic fights, fires and explosions. In addition, expect to be tickled by some heart-warming and sweet scenes between chivalrous General Qi and his beloved headstrong wife (Wan Qian). 

A greatly enjoyable movie!

Rating: 8/10


Post written by Magdalene Tan. Follow her on Instagram, http://instagram.com/chantalmag



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