[Movie Review] Love off the Cuff

Have you reached a point in a relationship where you are pondering, “Is he/she right for me?” Here’s a refreshing and excitingly unpredictable romantic movie that makes you wonder if the 7 years’ relationship between Jimmy and Cherie can be salvaged.

The movie is filled with scenes of tears and laughter. When the show begins, you may wonder if you stepped into the correct cinema as it started off with a horror beginning. Yes, just like a horror movie, but it is quickly continued with a funny, cute and light-hearted scene. Just like many couples, Jimmy and Cherie are in a long-term committed relationship. Though they have been living with each other for some time, their relationship was encountered with strains from external factors such as Jimmy’s childhood female best friend who’s returning from Canada and asked to stay in their apartment and Cherie’s philandering father who is marrying a young girl.

Though Cherie seemed like a matured-thinking and independent lady, she came to a point where she started doubting if her boyfriend genuinely cared about her or is he going with the motion in life. Coupled with her fear of ending up alone after marriage, just as how her mother was left behind by her father. Cherie adopted this ‘escaping’ mindset – she decided to take a break from her relationship with Jimmy to find herself.

Jimmy on the other hand, went through a phase of recognising what he could have done to deepen his relationship with Cherie. This story takes a romantic spin and the ending is sure to make hearts soften and flutter. 

Rating: 7/10

Post written by Magdalene. Follow her on Instagram http://instagram.com/chantalmag



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