5 fun things to do for a memorable stay in Tioman Island!

Ever been in a mood to break away from the busy lifestyle, escape and spend idyllic days with loved ones and friends? Situated off the east coast of peninsular Malaysia, Tioman Island is a sweet spot for such getaway. Turquoise sea, clean beach, good food and an array of fun activities, where the sea is your playground. Who would say no to that? 

Here’s how we managed to make the fullest out of our short 3D2N stay in Tioman. I would go back to those carefree, adventure-filled and sunbathed times by Tioman beach anytime (except on rainy days, of course!)

Getting there

For a cheaper way to get from Singapore to Tioman Island, you can book a coach then take the ferry. The coach ride is about 3.5 hours to get from Singapore to Tanjong Gemok Ferry Terminal, while the ferry takes you another 1.5 hours (All depending on the traffic and tidal conditions). On top of the transportation charges, a RM30 Marine Park Conservation fee will be collected at Tanjong Gemok Ferry Terminal before setting off to Tioman Island.

On the ferry. All ready for the adventure!

Arrival at Tioman Jetty.

Beautiful view of the lake.


As we know, planning an itinerary can be a stressful task at times; where it involves choosing the right place to stay, scheduling the activities and deciding on what/where to eat. There are a handful of resorts in Tioman you can choose from. For us, we chose one of the largest and international-standard resorts, Berjaya Tioman Resorts. It was certainly a great choice for a pleasant and carefree stay in Tioman. The resort offers a package that takes care of all our activities and food. All we had to do was, sit back and enjoy.

Upon arrival at Tioman Jetty, there will be shuttle buses that fetch guests directly to Berjaya Tioman Resort. 

At Berjaya Tioman Resorts, serenity is a constant theme. Set on the beautiful beach of Tioman, the resort is inspired by a village-styled living where rooms are housed in different blocks, allowing you to be close to the beauty of untouched nature. Furnished with a myriad of exciting facilities such as multiple dining options, a golf course, gym, pool and jacuzzi, spa and dive centre, guests are in for a holistic beach holiday experience! 

Taste of paradise. Here’s the view when you walk out of the room to the beach. Spot Renggis Island on the left!

Hearty breakfast is served daily at this spacious and large Sri Nelayan pavilion. There are also live stations where eggs and roti canai are freshly prepared according to your preference.

 Located right outside the pavilion is a beautiful pool for those who love a good swim. Built with water slides and a jacuzzi, be sure to splash in and have some fun!

5 Fun Things to do in Tioman!

1. Cycle and explore the island

Have a personal tour around the large resort, explore all corners and gain new perspectives of the island. Along the way, you may spot photo-worthy spaces, pretty sceneries or even wildlife like monitor lizards or monkeys. The paths are fairly smooth with frequent bends and few upslopes. Overall, it is a chill activity that you can do during lull time to enjoy the view and cool sea breeze.  Here are some photos we took along the way. 

Scenic view of the beach. One of our favourite spots.
A picturesque moment with Lydiascapes.

2. Paddle out on a Kayak to Renggis Island and Snorkel! 

Kayak station.
Snorkelling over coral reefs and getting up close with fishes, turtles and baby sharks!

Be enthralled by the beauty under the waters. What better way to fully embrace the whole underwater experience than to personally paddle a kayak over to the island, tie it to a buoy, and plunge right into the oceans? Unlike other resorts that allow tourists to feed bread to the fishes, Berjaya Tioman Resorts does not have that practice. This prevents the fishes from becoming domesticated and allows tourists to get a true snorkelling experience swimming around the ocean. While you snorkel, you may occasionally find yourself surrounded by schools of fishes or spot sea turtles and baby sharks swimming alongside with you.

For those who are new to snorkelling, it is an unforgettable experience to gain, however, there are a few things you need to take note of. Remember to wear your life vest firmly around your body, put on the snorkel mask (ensure it is tight, or else sea water may get into your eyes and nose) and learn to breathe using your mouth rather than nose, that way, you should do fine!

3. Diving in the sea

Group photo – photo credit: Sophia

Having no prior experience of diving, I was hesitant at first. After diving, I would say this was one of the most fulfilling experience I've had from the trip! Berjaya Tioman Resort offers various spots for divers to choose from. For those who are new to diving, you can opt for ‘Discover Scuba Diving’, where professional instructors will brief on the proper diving and breathing techniques. Most of all, to assure those who may be feeling apprehensive, you will be well-guided by the instructors and you get to dive closer to the shore when you opt for 'Discover Scuba Diving'. Though the overall diving experience was great, I would recommend snorkelling for those who are looking for scenic views underwater in Tioman.

4. Jungle Trekking

Buckle up your shoes and get ready for an adventurous and enriching hike up the jungle to the waterfall. Jungle trekking with the guide was truly an eye-opener. Get ready for a good challenge as you go under low hanging branches, climb over fallen logs and walk on rocks. At some parts of the journey, you even have to grab onto the ropes like a lifeline and slowly walk up the steep steps. Be sure to wear proper shoes and spray insect repellent! The guide will stop along the trail to share interesting information about the jungle. We learnt about the usefulness of certain medicinal plants including lime and were also warned of the dangerous plants such as the poison ivy. The reward of this hike? A refreshing ‘shower’ the waterfall!

Cotton from the cotton tree

Rubber Tree

Close up with the chameleon

 Up-close with ancient looking insects.

The deadly poison ivy.

Refreshing waterfall.

5. Catch beautiful sunset by the sea

Catch beautiful sunsets with loved ones.  

Sunset behind Renggis Island

Forget about chasing sunsets when you can just lay back on the beach to enjoy a magnificent sunset.

Post written by Magdalene Tan.Follow her on Instagram, http://instagram.com/chantalmag



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