Cold Storage International Wine Fair 2017 (IWF 2017)

The year's coming to an end and it's the festive season. Take the chance to stock up on exquisite wines from the Cold Storage International Wine Fair 2017 (IWF 2017) at VivoCity, Main Atrium, Level One from 9 - 15 October. 

Immerse in a weeklong affair with over 60 specially selected wines at our tastings. Embark on a vinous journey, as our onsite wine makers and specialists share their expertise on characteristic wine aroma and flavors to enhance your wine palate. 

The search for the ideal wine has taken us across the globe. Enjoy the labour of grape to glass in the comfort of your own home amongst a selection of over 400 wines from more than 10 countries and limited vintage selections that can be yours at amazing prices. 

Need an escape from the drudgeries of everyday life? Turn to Hewitson’s Miss Harry Rhone Blend. A great everyday drinking wine, it is wonderfully fresh with juicy forest fruits, dried herbs and a creamy complexity derived from its maturation on oak.

Reserve de Comtesse de Lalande is the red wine of your dreams. The second wine of Chateau Pichon Lalande has been a much sought after favourite for lovers of good Bordeaux for some time and this vintage does not disappoint. This is a high class Bordeux that age for years to come and most importantly will not break the bank. 

Another stellar addition to the myriad of red wines available, Allegro Reserva Rioja - Spain's king of wines, is a perfect balance between ripe fruits and savoury earthy tones. It is simply sunshine in a glass and a real steal at its price. 

Singapore is the perfect climate for drinking Rosé, its optimal taste is enhanced in a warmer atmosphere. Château Saint Roch Pink par Saint-Roch is a no-fuss rosé that can be enjoyed alone or with friends. It even goes well with all manners of spicy food. Opening a bottle of this stunning rosé transports you to a time and place in France that embodies the warm weather and the rolling hills of Languedoc. 

For the perfect celebratory toast, indulge in the Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut, characterised by its bold yellow colour, a hallmark of style & quality. Who could forget the ever-classic Dom Perignon, the ultimate pleasure seeker’s champagne that oozes style and class. Both will be available at the IWF 2017 at very competitive price points. 

Dairy Farm Wine Director, Mr. Simon Cant, curated this year’s wine selections. “We want to go back to basics and show the consumers that we are serious about our wines. Each bottle was selected and curated to showcase the best wines at every price point,” said Cant. “Wine is for everybody, from the connoisseurs to budding enthusiasts, and the Cold Storage International Wine Fair will have a great bottle for anyone.” 

With all the exciting goodies, Cold Storage knows the challenge of picking just one bottle. Enjoy the ‘Mix & Match 8% promo’ – any set of three bottles will be entitled to an 8% discount on the total price. 



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