JUMP @ Resorts World Singapore Theatres!

Red Spade Entertainment brings JUMP, a Gravity-Defying and Internationally Acclaimed Comedy Sensation to Singapore for their 30,000th show

 Having performed worldwide in over 152 cities in more than 87countries, Red Spade Entertainment brings wacky action-packed Korean comedy sensation, JUMP, to Singapore for their 30, 000th show. Bold, funny and fascinating, JUMP is set in a typical Korean home, revolving around an average yet dramatically agile family.

Combining comedy, martial arts and acrobatics, eight kick-ass shenanigans showcase an incredible display of gymnastic and combat moves with a generous dosage of slapstick humour sure to tickle your funny bone.

From the dictatorial grandfather, drunken uncle and Tae Kwan Do savvy mother to the daughter’s inappropriate suitor, each member is a martial arts expert possessing championship levels of Taekwando, Taekkyum and butt-kicking moves.

The plot thickens when two burglars daringly break into the house in the middle of the night. When the family discovers the intruders, a mighty battle begins, entertaining audiences with their skilled yet hilarious antics as they try to get rid of their unwanted visitors.

Catch jaw-dropping moves and be prepared to laugh out loud from October 6 to 8. Suitable for the whole family, this non-verbal theatre comedy will be staged live for four shows only at Resorts World Singapore Theatres. Tickets priced from $38 (excluding SISTIC booking fee), are available at all SISTIC outlets.

“Fresh, fun and entertaining! Just Go!” NY Theatre, New York

“Amazing! A great new show! An incredible cast! Dazzling martial arts moves!” – Sunday Today in New York, WNBC TV

“This is one of the most entertaining, hilarious and gravity-defying nights of Tae-Kwon-do kicking slapstick in the world.”- Sunday Mail Adelaide

“JUMP will capture and entertain people of any nationality or culture; there is no hype in the success of this fantastic production.” - Arts London News

* * *

Here's myself at the JUMP show @ Resorts World Singapore Theatres!

It was really an entertaining comedy dance show which involves impressive martial arts in it. They can really jump and flip very high. It's amazing to see them jumping and staying in the air for quite long which make it like a slow-motion action.

You'll be laughing throughout the entire show and ended off impressively with a happy mood for everyone. This is definitely a great show for the entire family!

* * *

Here are some Q & A that was done with the spokesperson for JUMP, Cara Han, CEO, Show & Arts Inc. & Producer of JUMP

1.    Why she decided to come up with this show?

JUMP was a creative way to showcase slapstick comedy and infuse our Korean culture in the storyline.

2.    What is her favourite part of the show?
The ending scenes with the burglars. It is a great highlight of the show that shows off our characters.

3.    What are the challenges she faced?
When our show was younger, our team wanted to go internationally instead of staying in Korea; our comfort zone. There were difficulties breaking into international territory because we had to consider the challenges that would arise with the language barrier. We were inspired by Charlie Chaplin. The audiences were able to understand the humour with the show being non-verbal. We took inspiration from that and created a storyboard without lines, and it became a success.Also, in Korea, we have strong acrobat performers. With that, we decided to merge that talent with the comedy and we produced JUMP.

4.    How did she cast her talent?
We focus on acting skills and physical capabilities. Our creative team ensures our cast fits those criteria’s.

5.    What can viewers look forward to in the upcoming show?
      Our storyboard and characters will remain the same but we always try to improve in all areas. JUMP has certainly become livelier and we hope the audiences enjoy it as much as we do.

Hope you have a better understanding of the show JUMP!
Written by Shaun Owyeong
Instagram @shaunowyeong



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