Driving around Japan with Tabirai Car Rental

Despite the fact that Japan has a standout amongst the most effective rail networks in the world, some of its most alluring regions can best, or even just, be explored by car.

There are many beautiful scenic location in Japan and they are best traveled by driving. 
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The best part about driving is having the capacity to make the most of your trip. You can head for scenic locations that you just can't reach via public transportation, or explore throughout the country by driving yourself? You'll make your trip significantly more fun. 

For Japan rental car, check out Tabirai Car Rental It is the best car rental search system that allow you to easily compare and reserve a car all in one site. 

3 Key Features of Tabirai Car Rental
(1) Guaranteed installation of English-speaking car navigation system

(2)  They only post cars from major rental companies welcoming users from overseas at reasonable prices compared to regular prices (maximum 50% off from fixed prices)

(3)  In addition to rental car charges, basic insurance, collision damage waiver (CDW), English-car navigation(GPS), consumption tax are included in a price display that is easy to understand and secure. Insurance from individual car rental companies (NOC compensation insurance) is optional and can be added on the date of car rental (as desired).

Three reasons why you should use Tabirai Car Rental
(1)  Once the reservation is completed online, the specified rental is guaranteed. After that, simply go to the meeting place or rental car company office on the departure date(pick up date).

(2)  Member registration and credit card information are unnecessary at the time of reservation. Payment should be made at the car rental office on the departure date (pick up date). Credit cards are the recommended method of payment.

(3)  You can cancel your reservation and send a message to the rental car company by logging in to the ‘Reservation Information Box ’.

Other things to take note

1. How can you obtain a card to pay for the expressway (ETC card) and arrange a discount service ‘Expressway Pass?’ 

After making a reservation, you will receive a reservation mail with a confirmation number and password you can use to log in to the ‘Reservation Information Box (URL: https://en.tabirai.net/car/search/userlogin.aspx). ’ 

Log in to the Reservation Information Box and send a request to the car rental company using the ‘message’ function (some car rental offices do not offer ETC card rental). 

2. You want to utilize the car rental company's own insurance (NOC compensation insurance), which makes payment for NOC (Non Operation Charge) unnecessary. How can you apply? 

Please apply at the rental office on the day you receive your rental car. 

3. What is NOT included in the ‘Tabirai Car Rental Reservation’ price?

· NOC compensation insurance fee (optional, as desired) 
· ETC card rental fee (around 300 yen) 
· Highway/Expressway tolls 
· Gasoline cost

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