Terrarium can help boost your health and mood.

Finding your home or office boring? Why not bring some life with a terrarium? 
Terrariums are low-maintenance miniature garden inside a clear glass case that will enhance the interior beauty of your home or office. 

These mini gardens can also help boost your health and mood! 
Studies have shown that having green plants around boosts mood and helps improve your indoor air quality

This is a Cactus Terrarium ($71.92) I got from Floral Garage Singapore.
It's so cute plus low maintenance! I placed them in my office and all my colleague are impressed when they walk passed my desk.  

How to take care of them:
Don’t overwater the catus and succulents. Just water them once per week until soil is wet to touch but not soaked. Too much water will actually harm them. 

Place them on a bright, filtered light is best and avoid direct sunlight for long periods of time. 


Floral Garage Singapore is a 2-year old local online florist in Singapore. 

Some of their signature and most popular products are....


For those who find that giving flowers are a waste of money or boring, why not consider the Vegetable bouquet! It's so cute plus you can even cook the vegetables and eat them afterwards!


If you unsure of what to get, simply let the experienced florists craft a creative bouquet to suit your needs based on the occasion and who the recipient is! It is really one of the more affordable florists in Singapore, while still maintaining their product and service quality.


Premium Freestyle Bouquet is a larger version of their best selling Freestyle Bouquet!

I was browsing through their site and was also quite impressed by the cheap hampers they offer. All hamper deliveries are FREE Their hampers are as low as S$55, and quite wide-ranging. They have fruit hampers, chocolate hampers, get well soon hampers and baby hampers.

These are not ordinary hampers as they come with fresh flowers in them as well.

Other then those bouquets you seen on their website, you can also contact them for customised bouquet. 

They are also able to deliver your bouquets on the same day you order! So next time when you forgot to get a bouquet for your loved one, you know who you can contact.

Best of all, the delivery charge is only $9.70 only. 


Giveaway Contest

Stand a chance to win a lovely classic bouquet of red roses worth $84.90! 
Roses represent love and romance, take this chance to send some love to your friends, family, SO or even to yourself!

How to take part: 
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Contest ends on 19 Nov 2017, 2359hrs. 
1 lucky winner will be contacted on 21 Nov 2017 via Instagram.

Floral Garage Singapore

Telephone: 6282 2813
WhatsApp: 9387 8871