Viaggiare Magnificamente - Costa Victoria

Viaggiare Magnificamente - Costa Victoria

Viaggiare Magnificamente means “Travel Beautifully” in Italian. It was a great honour to be onboard Costa Victoria this Autumn. This is one of the most magnificent cruise trip that I have ever experienced.

As you know, Costa Victoria is an Italian themed cruise. It was designed to reflect the spirit of Italy. I have never been to Italy and have always wanted to be there, but now, let me get a “taste” of Italian culture in this gorgeous ship. A trip of 5D4N. Setting off from Singapore to Phuket, then to Penang and back to Singapore.

Surrounded by 4 glass elevator, the grand lobby of Victoria looks amazing. Get a view of the beautiful interior of the ship when you either traveling down from the top or down to the ground floor.

If you think that the room would be not as nice as the hotels that you have stayed in, you are wrong. I absolutely love the room. It’s so comfy and cosy. You can even have your breakfast to your room and have it in your bed. And the best thing is, the service is free!! Isn’t it amazing?

You can have lots of fun time at the 2 of the pools located at the upper deck of the ship. If you would like to sunbathe, there are plenty of pool chairs that you can lie on. Not only that, if you like to relax your muscles, don’t worry, there are 4 jacuzzis that you can sit in to let go all the stress that you have been accumulating.

More Facilities…

Features include the panoramic Concorde Plaza, an indoor pool, the ultramodern Pompei Spa, and the seven deck Planetarium Atrium, Casino, Children playroom, Disco and Meeting rooms.

Food was great. You can indulge in scrumptious Italian cuisine that was prepared by 3 main restaurants in the ship. Guests could pick their favourite restaurant where they want to have their meals or they could visit to the 2 other paid restaurants for a better food, ambiance and service.

Take a look of what I had here at the Gala Dinner.

I enjoyed all of the delicious food that was served at the Gala Dinner. As this is a media trip, there are a few bloggers and media creators that came from our neighbouring country, Malaysia. I’m glad to have met them during this media trip. They have the best positive attitudes, energy and aspirations. If it’s not because of them, this trip won’t be as fun as I thought.

Photo Credit: Wesly

Venice Carnival

As I mentioned, Costa Victoria is an Italian-themed cruise. It’s a culture for the ship to have a ball party in resemblance as a kind celebration. Everyone dressed up in their most amazing outfit to attend a masked ball which is called The Venice Carnival.

Photo credit: Wesly

It was a fantastic night at the ball. Everyone was enjoying the music and dance. I was able to see all the happy faces even though they were all masked.

Caffe Sospeso

Caffe Sospeso translate to English is called Suspended Coffee. A caffe sospeso or pending coffee is a cup of coffee paid for in advance as an anonymous act of charity. The tradition began in the working-class cafes of Naples, where someone who had experienced good luck would order a sospeso, paying the price of two coffees but receiving and consuming only one. A poor person enquiring later whether there was a sospeso available would then be served a coffee for free.

Coffee shops in other countries have adopted the sospeso to increase sales, and to promote kindness and caring. Costa Victoria have also started this campaign to encourage more people to adopt and accept this meaningful act.


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  1. It looks like dream come true travel in such a beautiful cruise is awesome to be part of such kind of hourable journey.

  2. Wow!! The ship facility looks like seven star hotels, I am sure you had a great journey. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful trip experience!!


  3. Looks fantastic tour to Costa Victoria and all the pictures are very nice. So let's meet and greet at Manchester to check out beautiful places over there.