Would you DARE to try "Gogreen Afterdark" at Sentosa?

Have you guys tried the LATEST fun thing at Sentosa???
Yes it's the Segway Personal Transporter (PT)!!!

Maybe you had tried it during daytime, but now they have "Gogreen AfterDark"- experience the haunting history of Sentosa and what promise to be the most thrilling Seway night tour in Asia!!!

Me & a few other bloggers

The charges for the other few ride

OMG!!! She is freaky SCARY!!!

That's the Segway Personal Transporter (PT) which I was talking about.

We had some training before we actually start to move on our own.

Shu qing & myself enjoying the ride.

Our tour guide- he is really scary sometime...

I would say this ride is really THRILLING!!!
But the word "THRILLING" doesn't describe half of it.

Do you DARE take this ride?
Go try out with your friend and have a total different night experience!!!

It will be a good team building activity with your company too!!!

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