Birthday Celebration with Bitch Club (29th December 2008)

That day we went to Giraffe located opp Plaza Sing for dinner... Tommy was the one who suggested that place.

It was a nice and cozy place that I have to admit...

But the variety of foods is too little....

Okok.... let's the gals have one photo and guys have one photo too...

and one for us too....

One more pls...

Before the food come, let have one more!

Here come the food!

I'm so hungy... look at me being the 1st to eat... Haha..

Then come our birthday cake!

And the waiter had a hard time helping us to
keep the candle lighted due to the wind at the rooftop!

Bernard also celebrated his birthday with me. His was on 10th December and we are December babies!

Thanks Tommy for making this cute birthday card!

One more group photo before we leave this place!

We went TCC (Douby Ghuat) to chill and play cards games!

It was so fun!

This was the sling bag the Bitch Club people bought me!

Thanks and I really like it!
Last but not least,
thanks Angela for alway bringing her DSLR camera and take nice picture for us!