Yes! We Won the 3rd prize in the Precious Moments Photo Contest!

This was the winning picture!
Really happy that our picture came in 3rd!

I hoped Jasmine enjoyed taking part in such contest with me...

Ever since the Bee Cheng Hiang contest, this was the other photo contest that we took part together and won.

I am really happy that our effort was not wasted...

And even though if we did not win, I guessed all the photos and memories are priceless and hard to forget...

Everytime whenever I see Ba Kwa I would think of all the wonderful time and NG we had during our photoshoot for the contest. Is really fun!

And of cause the Precious Moments Contest too!

There were be to come!

This the winning 10 megapixel Canon Powershot E1 Camera which I gave it to Jasmine!
And in the 3rd prize there is also $200 Suntec Vouchers which I rewarded myself too!
Yeah!!! More shopping...

A drawing by me (Quite Ugly I know... haha)