Little Nyonya: The Final Chapter (3 minute)

Watch here for those who have missed the 3 minute show-

After the last episode of Little Nyonya that night, a lot of viewer was disappointed of the ending and some wrote comments on forum hoping Yue Niang and Chen Xi will be together and have a happy ending.

The director of the show then filmed another 3 minute and showed it on Sunday 9.55pm.

The 3 minutes film was a bit EXTRA like what what wrote on the newspaper last night.

The special 3 minute video featured only Jeanette Aw and Qi Yuwu and is not an alternative ending to the drama.

Rather its an add-on to explain clearer the relationship between Yue Niang and Chen Xi and will continue from their separation at the railway track.

Such a disappointment...

I rather they take 1-2 week time and film something better like showing Yueniang and Chenxi met up again when they are old lor....

I guessed a lot of people like happy ending show too. But in life sometime, we may not have alway happy ending too...

And actually such ending showed how Yue Niang's determination and big sacrifice she had for her love to Chen Xi.

What do you all think of this show? I think is still very nice though ending is not what I wanted.