My friend, James in "Female 50 Gorgeous People" Contest (4th December 2008)

Ya although this was like LAST YEAR.... I still want to post this...
Is my good friend, good brother James in "Female 50 Gorgeous People" Contest at Zouk (4th December 2008).
These are the people who went there to support him!
Me and Jasmine taking picture with our future big model guy, James!

Me and Jasmine

James with the gals...

The queue outside was so long, lucky we reached there the earliest!

Inside Zouk cam whore!!!!

Guys let us cheers!
Spotted James? He was no 46!

We were given free coke and free beers!

It was a real good night chilling out together... Although James did not win, he is still our forever charming friend! Wishing him all the best in this modeling line!
Brother, jiayou!