My favourite characters in G-Force!

My favourite characters will be Blaster and Juarez.

Blaster is a weapon expert and I love his cool style.

And for Juarez, I think she is sexy and cool! What is more interesting is she was voiced by Penelope Cruz.

G-Force” is a comedy adventure about the latest evolution of a covert government program to train animals to work in espionage. Armed with the latest high-tech spy equipment, these highly trained guinea pigs discover that the fate of the world is in their paws.

Wanna know who are the actors behind this cute characters in G-Force and also what is their role in the this movie?

Darwin (voice of Sam Rockwell)- the squad leader determined to succeed at all costs
Blaster (voice of Tracy Morgan)- an outrageous weapons expert with tons of attitude and a love for all things extreme
Juarez (voice of Penelope Cruz) - a sexy martial arts pro; plus the literal fly-on-the-wall reconnaissance expert, Mooch, and a star-nosed mole
Hurley (voice of Jon Favreau)- pet shop layabout

Here is a trailer for everyone!

Catch G-Force in cinemas 4th Sep 2009