Read Felicia Chin's blog. Is her body “fake from waist up”?

Following the recent outbreak of scandals circulating around her alleged plastic surgery jobs, Felicia Chin remains in the constant scrutiny of the media. The bubbly actress made her stand clear on her Blog: and clarified that "no plastic surgery was done on my upper half of the body." Setting aside all other gossip, folks can hear it from the horse's mouth when she guest stars on tonight's episode of Celebritea Break on Ch U with discussion on the sensitive alleged topic.

In an interview on her participation in the variety show, the actress humbly replied, "I didn't think I would be given the chance to participate in such shows because I am quite an introvert." Felicia laughed at her own organization capabilities and explained that she is quite a conservative person. Her sudden, unconventional decision to go on Celebritea Break shocked many around her.

I seriously think that people are just jealous of her being pretty that all. And I totally agreed in what she wrote in her blog "life goes on. i think there are much more important things happening in this world which deserves our attention and concern, 何必再为这些小事钻牛角尖呢?".

So to those people who still want to guess whether she did any plastic surgery, please find something more meaningful to do k.

Read what she wrote here in her blog-