Our Nyonya Trip (1st day)

This was where we stayed for 3 days 2 night!
Baba house located at the heartland of Malacca!
Outside the hotel is the Jonker Street for shopping and eating already!!!

Yes we ate the best chicken rice ball in Malacca!
If you are going there please go to this stall "Chop Chung Wah" Chicken Rice Ball in Malacca!

Come to Malacca, another food you should try is this Baba Chendol at Jonker Dessert!
It the best chendol I had ever try!!!
The stall is located along the Jonker Walk and you can't miss it one!

The night at Jonker Walk during the weekend from Fri to Sun is also a must visit place!
So this was our 1st night there!
We had fun eating and drinking there!
So much thing to see...
Especially for Jasmine who been there the 1st time!