Our Nyonya Trip- Day 2

It was a great morning...
Today we going to start our day 2 at Malacca.
Can't wait to get out of our hotel room and explore Malacca.
Well we had a good sleep at Baba Hotel... But I think Hotel Puri will be better.
For those who want to go Malacca next time, can stay at Hotel Puri k! (Strongly Recommended)

We took some photo outside the hotel... There you see us jumping again for Day 2!
You can see how we enjoyed this trip from our expression right?
Yes we did!

Back to Hotel and cam whore again! See there are many more poses! So fun!

After cam whoring, we got ready and took a cab to the jetty. Yes we are heading an island!
It the Pulau Besar! It was said to be a white beach with clear water.

We took a ferry and went to Pulau Besar island and enjoy some beach fun there!

We had a late lunch. We ate 1.Chicken Rice ball, 2.Asam Laksa, 3. Baba Chendol and 4.Baba rojak. The chicken rice was not as good as the one we ate on the 1st day.

Wanted to eat back the same stall but it was not opened thus try other stall. The day 1 stall we visited is the best lor.

After eating, we went to Malacca Mall for shopping...

Went back our hotel and started displaying what we bought so far.... Great shopping lor...

That was the gift we bought for each other... The Hello Kitty I gave Jasmine was bought at one Malacca Mall. Cute right....