Singapore Contest Winning Tips- Why I always win?

Hi all,

I had been quite active in attending private events and contests lately. I got asked by Alvin of and a few friend how I can join so many contest and win?

Am I a Contest King, Contest Guru or a Contest Pro?
Frankly speaking I am not la. I joined them for fun! You can win too!

I personally think it is because of the following reasons that I won?
-The Effort & Time I putting in
-The Sincerity I Showed (The judge can see and feel it when you do it with your heart...)
-The Creativity(Do something out of the box)
-Understand what is the focus (For example, if it is Guiness Photo Contest, you must show Guiness drinks clearly and more focus on the drinks than focussing on yourself)
-Friend's Support (Social network is important when you need votes)

The recent Guinness "Great Night Begins from 17:59" Photo Contest which I joined with Edison got us in the 2nd prize- $1000 cash! Really happy that our efforts caught the judge's eyes. Thanks Guinness for selecting our photo for the 2nd Prize!

Last night, we had a little celebration at Ice Cold Bar with Rong Ming, Kelvin (The other 2 guys in the winning photo) for that. It was a great drinking session for us!

It was really fun and enjoying having Men Talk over a drinking session, especially after a day work. Guys ma... what do you think they talk about... Haha... =p

And of cause the drinking bill was on me and Edison last night!

This photo above is our winning photo entry! (Click here to see the page)

Now you can WIN in their Round 2 too!

See how you can take part for the Round 2 here!

Good luck everyone! Remember to use a bit of creativety!

Lastly introducing you all a good site to join and get invites to movies!

Visit here and start getting invites!

Best Regards



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