Visualize the Future of *SCAPE

Do you guys know where is this???

Yes this is the New *Scape Building!
It is just situated beside Cineleisure, in the heart of Orchard Road.

*SCAPE is a $50-million non-profit collaboration with the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS).

There is a new Macdonald in front of this building!
When you pay for your Big Mac, you will be doing your bit for a good cause too.

All retail and F&B brands there will have a social cause.

Ice cream store Marble Slab Creamery aims to raise funds through sales to support the development of new sports like handball.

There is Sakae Sushi and Xin Wang Taiwan Cafe in *Scape!

There is also White Dog Cafe!
Now here is a peep at the restuarant for you guys!
Seem really beautiful right?

Music Forest is also in *Scape building!

Went upstair and walked out to the big opened balcony to have some fresh air...Love this area...

Oh this is O School! It is shifted to this New *Scape Building too!
Those rooms on the left are actually the dancing studios.

Maybe just for sharing with you all more of *SCAPE, the place that youths will want to hangout more often.

This place is not just about supporting social networks cause that is just one of its unique aspects. It's a platform for youths to hone and showcase their skills and exchange ideas.
The five-storey urban playground, which occupies a sprawling 1.2ha, will be officially launched in June.

For the first time, youth activities of every sort - from music and dance, to theatre and sports - will be integrated under one roof.

I personally experience the Singapore Dance Delight Vol.1 which was held at the *Scape building.

It was a wonderful experience cause for the 1st time I get to see such thing in the heart of Orchard!

Here is a media Coverage I did for the event:

here for the photo of the event. I'm sure there will be more of such event at the Auditorium in future!

Young entrepreneurs can organise flea markets at *Scape too, while aspiring artistes can jam, dance or record their own album in specially designed studios.

I can visualize this place as a Youth's Heaven!!!!

What I would like to see in *Scape:

1) *Scape Free Movie Screening (weekly)

2) Art Exhibition

3) Photograghy Competition (Yearly)

4) *Scape Dance Competition (Yearly)

5) *Scape Singing Competition (Yearly)

6) *Scape Weekend Flea Market- I be the 1st to sell things there.

7) Charity Work Group- This group will brings all the youngster who wish to do charity in to help raise fund, do community works, performing at old folk home etc. I would like to see *Scape youth doing something good to the society.

8) Membership- *Scape member get discounts when they shop or dine in *Scape. They will get to attend special events organised by *Scape for Youth.

There is so much other things to do at *Scape in Future I can forsee!



  1. Went for dinner at Scape yesterday. Looked promising and full of restaurants. Wonder if all can survive because the crowd there are below 20.