Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival Game‏

The Dragon Boat Festival

This ancient event, also known as Tuen Ng Festival, commemorates the death of a popular Chinese national hero, Qu Yuan, who drowned himself in the Mi Lo River over 2,000 years ago to protest against the corrupt rulers. Legend has it that as townspeople attempted to rescue Qu Yuan, they beat drums to scare fish away and threw dumplings into the sea to keep the fish from eating his body.

The real highlight of the festival is the fierce-looking dragon boats racing in a lively, vibrant spectacle. Teams race the elaborately decorated dragon boats to the beat of heavy drums. The special boats, which measure more than 10 metres, have ornately carved and painted "dragon" heads and tails, and each carries a crew of 20-22 paddlers.

Participants train in earnest for the competition. Sitting two abreast, with a steersman at the back and a drummer at the front, the paddlers race to reach the finishing line, urged on by the pounding drums and the roar of the crowds.

Today, festival activities recall this legendary event. People eat rice-and-meat dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves; and many look forward to swimming or even simply dipping their hands in the water. ______________________________________________________________________________

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Below is a summary of the key features for your quick reference and attached are some screen grabs.

This new game consists of an interactive dragon boat racing in which the player acts as the drummer pounding the drum (phone) rhythmically to the dragon boat music. The more accurate the drumming, the higher the score. This exhilarating racing game will make players feel all the fun and excitement associated with participating in this great Hong Kong festival! In addition, the game contains a brief introduction to HK Dragon Boat Festival and a video for those who want to know more.

Key Features

- Three Chinese music options

- Two-level challenge

- Submit scores and names

- Information about Festive HK 2010, History of Dragon Boat Festival and HK Dragon Boat Carnival

- A short video about Dragon Boat Festival in Hong Kong

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