Singapore Dance Delight Vol.1 Finals (Part 2)

1 The hosts for the night.
2 It was full house that night.
3 Audience get free flow of F&N drinks.
4 Kokoba Crew with the futuristic sunglasses.
5 No.Na.Me in their cute red vest outfit.
6 Elecoldxhot surprised the audience with thier moves.
7 WooHoo's outfits were colourful that night.
8 Impressive dance moves by WooHoo
9 Pink Dollar$ putting in effort in their outfit that night
10 One of the member of Look Behind.
11 He did a head standing.
12 Impressive dance moves! 2d
13 Raw Street Code are formed by a group of young girls.
14 I quite like their cream coloured jacket matching.
15 This group of hot ladies are call La Fuse. 2e
16 Funk Faction are formed by 2 guys
17 Real Image is also another group with 2 guys. Good Co-ordination!
18 The Hardy Lockers rocks the audience with their dance moves! 2f
19 Ladies & Gentlemen is what they are named.
20 They have impressive dance moves!
21 I quite like their outfit that night! 3
22 Basic 5's outfit are cute right!
23 Joyce & the Boys is formed by 1 girl and 6 boys.IMG_6924
Some of the audience walked home with free SDD tee shirt!

The Result that everyone been waiting for!!!

Which team walked away with the following prizes?
Champion- Osaka flight and accomodation coverage for Japan Dance Delight Vol. 17
1st Runner-Up- Prizes totalling S$5000
2nd Runner-Up- Prizes totalling S$3000
Prizes sponsored by F&N, HTC, O School and Sexy Diamond
Congratulation to the following three teams!
Champion- > Joyce & The Boys
1st Runner-Up -> Basic 5
2nd Runner-Up -> Elecoldxhot5
The Champion, Joyce & The Boys taking a picute with Machine.

Joyce & the Boys had showed what they had to win the inaugural Singapore DanceDelight Vol. 1 contest, presentedby F&N (Fraser & Neave), on Sunday.

Their amazing choreography and fusion of various street-dancestyles clinched the trophy for them. The 1 girl & 7 guys crew will travel to Osaka, Japan, in August to represent Singapore in Japan Dance delight Vol.17.

I personally voted for them in and wishing them all the best in the Japan competition!

Stay tuned to my next post for the dance's video taken that night....