Tell me one way you can share your FAVOURITE F&N drink with your friend


Closing Date: 16th April 2010
Contest Page: F&N
Prize: A pair of tickets to catch the Singapore Dance Delight Vol.1(Each tickets is worth $25)

The Singapore Dance Delight Vol.1 will be held on 18th April 2010, 7.30pm.
Venue will be at the following address:
SCAPE - The Warehouse
2 Orchard Link #04 - 04
Singapore 237978

Champion of Singapore Dance Delight vol.1 will qualify for Japan Dance Delight vol.17 Final, Osaka, Japan.

How to enter:
Click here to write your answer and email address on the comment section. The best entry will be notified by email. You can email as many entries as you want.

*Winner will be informed through email on 17th April 2010 and also on their website.

Something for sharing:
Do you know there is actually 8 F&N flavours for you to choose?

■F&N Outrageous Orange

■F&N Groovy Grape

■F&N Cool Ice Cream Soda

■F&N Cheeky Cherryade

■F&N Flashy Fruitade

■F&N Sarsi

■F&N Club Soda Water

■F&N Extra Dry Tonic Water