I'm on a mission to search for F&N truck!

Today I'm went on a mission to search for F&N truck! Make a guess did I had my mission accomplished?

It was a challenging mission as I was not given the exact location where the truck will be at.

I only have the below hint:
12.00 - 2.00pm @ CityHall, Bugis, Suntec City & Marina Square
2.00pm - 4.00pm @ Orchard Area
5.00pm - 7pm @ Orchard Area, CityHall, Bugis, Suntec City & Marina Square

I was all over the places (Orchard, Bugis, City Hall, Suntec City & Marina Square) from 12pm-7pm and sadly I did not managed to find the truck parked stationary anywhere. Maybe the truck was at another location when I was at the other one.
So do you think I spotted it in the end?

Maybe I was lucky? When I was at Orchard Road, I saw the F&N truck on the road coming toward my direction from far.

I know this is MY ONLY CHANCE!
So I quickly took out my camera and standby for this photo!

F&N Truck
Yes! I spotted it on the move!
Mission accomplished! HURRAY!!!

After a long day of running around, William need to pamper himself to a cool drink.
So I went to the supermarket and bought my favourite Outrageous Orange Sparkling Drink.

Did you take part in the challenge too?
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here to see the truck's route and the dates to spot the truck!
Good luck everyone!