Happenings- F&N's Breakin Lala Danz Flashmob at Orchard Road

Hi all, I'm at the F&N's Breakin Lala Danz Flashmob (Orchard Road) with the 5 other bloggers!
This is 2nd Flash Mob I attended so far and it is the MOST ENJOYABLE one too!
Read downward and you will find out why...7
From left to right: Yongwei, Szeping, Huixiang, Klessis and myself
We had celebrities Nat Ho 鹤天赐,Wu Jiahui 伍家辉, Serene Koong 龚芝怡, 987FM's Muttons dancing in the Flash Mob dance too!

Check out the following video I have recorded for you all!

F&N giving out complimentary drinks to the public again!

It's was sure tough on the F&N's guys...

Thanks F&N for the drinks!!!

Check out the happy faces!!!

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