F&N Dance Delight Blogging Challenge- The 6 Selected Bloggers

The 6 selected bloggers were called up for a meet up session on 8th April 2010,at News Centre with the omy.sg team, the F&N (Fraser and Neave Limited) team and the other finalists.

It was truly delighful to be able to know everyone!

We had Alvin & Hock Chuan from omy.sg, Jeff from F&N and Shou Chen from their PR agency to brief us on our 2nd challenge!

And of cause the other bloggers (Elson, Sze Ping, Klessis, Huixiang &Yongwei) were there!

So the 6 of us will be required to blog about for most, if not all the events under the Singapore Dance Delight campaign, and of course, to attend and blog about the Finals on 18th April in the final showdown for the ultimate reward — a trip to Osaka to cover the Japan Dance Delight Vol. 17 Finals in Japan!

I'm excited for this as I had always dreamt to go to Osaka!

During the meet up session, we were given a F&N GOODIE BAG for the 6 of us!!!
Wow!!! In the goodie bag, there was a limited edition cap, 12 badges and a.....


Thanks omy.sg and F&N!