Singapore Dance Delight Vol.1 Finals (Part 1)

Hello everyone!

Singapore Dance Delight Vol.1 is proudly presented by
F&N and organised by O School and Adhip.

I'm really honoured to be selected as the blogger for this event!

Special thanks & F&N for giving me this chance!

Okay as you all know that 20 finalists were selected and they will be battling on stage for a spot to compete in Japan Dance Delight Vol.17 and other very attactive winning prizes.

From left to right: Klessis, Szeping, Elson, Yongwei, Myself and Huixiang

Before entering into the battlefield to watch the finalists battling it out on stage...

I had some photo fun at one at the F&N Photo Booth!

It was a Mini Photo contest!
The Top 5 party goers who look like they're having the most fun will win Adidas Voucher!

So it not just winning for the finalists, everyone here also have a chance to win something home too!

Look at the nice Vintage F&N car!


Alright I'm all dressed and ready for the photo taking!!!

Snap! Snap!

It was a bit Turned OFF dressing I thought....

But the process was fun! Haha!
I did some interviews with the supporters on that day too!

See what they have to say below!

The 20 Finalists and the Judges were on the Red Carpet!1
The 4 judges are none other than...

Stay tuned for part 2
for more videos and photo of the competition....