The Haunted House Project 《索命鬼屋》

Genre: Horror
Language: Korean
Release Date: Thursday, 2 Dec 2010
Main Cast: Sin Kyeong-seon, Jeon In-geol, Yoon E-na, Lee Hwa-jung, Hyeon Tae-ho, Shin So-yul
Director: Lee Cheol-ha
Running Time: 83 minutes

Over the course of 42 years, 6 went missing, 8 had accidents and 11 were murdered…
3 Paranormal investigators and 3 camera crew decide to look into this infamously haunted house.
Ignoring the danger, the group of six entered the haunted house and disappeared without a trace.
A video footage of what they shot during their visit was recovered and may reveal the truth of their disappearance…

Review: Just watched the movie recently, I find the movie was really quite scary at some point. The way the movie was filmed was a bit similar to "The Blair Witch Project" but Korean version.

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