My Royal Caribbean Cruise Adventure- Legend of the Seas

Thanks to to Royal Caribbean &!
Recently I got the chance to go onboard the Royal Caribbean- Legend of the Seas.

To tell you the truth, it was my 1st time on a cruise ship!

I was very excited the night before the day!!!

I had always wanted to go on a holiday on cruise but never had the chance. This time round I was given a chance and I was really grateful!
Early in the morning, I went to the Singapore Cruise Centre to meet up with staff and got my boarding pass and meet up with the rest. We were splitted into group before onboarding the ship.
I'm very happy to get to know new friend and there we start our adventure onboarding Royal Caribbean- Legend of the Seas!
Royal Caribbean ships travel to more than 280 destinations worldwide. Enjoy an amazing array of activities en route with amenities like surf simulators, rock-climbing walls, ice-skating rinks, miniature golf and more. Exciting shore excursions and cruise tour options are available too. With Royal Caribbean International, every day is a great adventure.

Legend of the Seas brings you an endless supply of entertainment and relaxation options for up to 2,074 guests. Whether you're cruising the Inside Passage or docked somewhere on the Asian continent, you'll never lose sight of the reason you came aboard. With a 9-hole miniature golf course, four whirlpools and a Solarium with a sliding roof, there's something for everyone onboard this cruise ship.

Ship Highlights
Here are the facilities available on Legend of the Seas, at a glance.
-Rock-climbing wall
-Outdoor pool
-4 whirlpools / jacuzzis
-Indoor/outdoor pool in a Solarium with a sliding roof
-9-hole miniature golf course
-Beautiful glass-walled dining rooms
-Themed bars and lounges
-Centrum, an open atrium featuring shopping and more
-Adventure Ocean® youth facilities
-Casino RoyaleSM
-Day Spa and Fitness Center

Ship Facts
Maiden Voyage:May 16, 1995
Passenger Capacity:2,074
Godmother:Cindy Pritzker
Gross Tonnage:69,130
Cruising Speed:24 knots

Here a video I made:

Visit & start your adventure today!



  1. Video on it!!... NICE!!!!....
    Pity I have no such talent or skill...

  2. Thanks for viewing my blog! You can do it also.. Go explore, try it out!

  3. love the video! amazing that within such a short time, u can produce something like this :o)

  4. Thanks just doing my best to see what I can take over there. My friend all want to see and I love sharing good stuffs! Hope u like it... How do u find the song matching? I not sure it suit or not but I like the sentence "A moment like this, some people waited a life time". But I hope wr dun have to wait too long to go for a fun cruise with family and friend.

  5. Hey William, nice coverage! So sad that I couldn't join you people for the fun :(

  6. OH MY GOODNESS you filmed my entire bikini situation!!? (embarrassed)


    - Estelle

  7. No la... The stripping and the putting on clothes back I did not take.. But I think you look great!!!! =)

  8. Thanks! Not perfect enough... Can be better.

  9. Nice pics and video of the cruise ship William! I was told that you're one of the ubiquitous bloggers who are always headlining events at gatherings. :) I think your group has the highest chance of winning coz everybody just worked so darn hard on their posts.

  10. Cool Insider, You got a nice post too! Everyone did well! Ubiquitous blogger? No la... just that omy events are fun! So I love attending event like this to make my life happening as well as educating too!!!