Gary Ng Edison Chen Sex Scandal

Gary Ng. the Singapore version 'Edison Chen' & our famous HK star, Edison Chen were both involved in sex related cases. Let see some of the common and differences of them.

Gary Ng

Edsion Chen

Real Name: Chen Guilin

Age: 28 year old

Country of birth: Singapore

Marital Status: Single

What happend: Pleased guilty of having 507 obscene films, more than 480 were clips of which showed him having sex with various women.

What he did: Take video showing himself having sex with various girl in different positions.

Real Name: Edison Chen

Age: 31 year old

Country of birth: Hongkong

Marital Status: Attached

What happened: Estimated of 1,300 intimate photographs of Chen and numerous female celebrities may have been accessed and secretly copied and distributed over the internet.

What he did: Take photo of himself having sex with various celebrities.