"Gary Ng" True Identity Face Exposed

The identity of “Gary Ng”, the guy who is also known as the Singapore version of Edison Chen was exposed finally. Just when you thought when will this guy get exposed when he kept playing with fire like this. Yes, he was recently exposed by a female lawyer, Yang.

How did Lawyer Yang set the trap?
According to Yang, “Gary Ng” normally invites girls to budget hotel. So to get him into the trap, she proposed to go to a 5 stars hotel which she frequently go and costs $500/night.

In order to confirm that he is the real “Gary Ng”, Yang also suggested having a dinner before checking in the hotel.

But when he heard it is a 5 star hotel and to have dinner, he immediately rejected the plan and replied it is too expensive and he will only do that if the girl is a super pretty girl.

Yang told him that she will pay for all the expenses and “Gary Ng” agreed.

Yang also planned during the dinner to arrange one of the victims to hide behind the wall to identify if he is the real “Gary Ng” and to call for police if he is the real one.

Lawyer Yang, aged 30 years old, studied Law in England 2001. After 3 years, she returned back Singapore to further study Singapore Law.

She claimed that she hate to see people being bullied when she was young and like to fight for justice.

Chen Guilin, alias Gary Ng, pleaded guilty on Jan 4 to possessing 507 obscene films, more than 480 were clips of which showed him having sex with various women.

The 28-year-old had posted these video clips online, accompanied with brief descriptions of the women involved. He had filmed these with a video camera hidden in a plastic bag with a slit. Some women were willing parties for the filming, but others were filmed without their consent.

In all, he committed 21 offences over a four-year period from 2006 to June last year involving property worth $171,770.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Paul Wong Chun Yi said Chen broke into housewife Poh Yen Chern’s Water Place condominium unit in Tanjong Rhu Road and stole $1,456 worth of property from the 39-year-old while the family was overseas in August 2009.

The accused, who was Madam Poh’s property agent when she bought the unit in 2007, had duplicated her access card to commit the offence.

DPP Wong said Chen had also broken into another client’s unit at Water Place in 2008, where he stole 43-year-old Madam Wang Tong’s OCBC Bank cheque book.

He practised signing her signature and forged three cash cheques totalling $81,150 in September that year.

Three months later, he forged the signature of another woman, Ms Yao Xiao Li, 31, and issued himself a $10,000 cheque. At that time, he was living in her Strata condo unit in Essex Road with his then girlfriend, who was a friend of Ms Yao’s.

District Judge Ronald Gwee will sentence Chen on Jan 19. He is out on $72,000 bail.

Many will have same feeling that it's time for 'Gary Ng' to pay for the outrageous acts he committed.

Did he film this to boost his own ego, showing off his sex moves?

What did “Gary NG” mean since his real name is “Gary Chen”

According to “Gary Ng” in a Razor Interview, he claimed “Gary” mean “'Girls/guys Always Remember You'” but he did not said what did “Ng” mean.
Watch the 5 video of Gary Ng's interview with Razor TV (Links below).