Hong Kah Point- The Little Chinatown in the West

THERE’S more to Singapore shopping than just Orchard Road. Venture, for instance, into Hong Kang Point, one of the heartlands where most Singaporeans live, eat, shop, play and discover some of the best bargains in town.

Hong Kah Point is located at Blk 501-508 Jurong West Street 51. There are more than 100 retail shops and a food centre with 60 stalls serving up a wide variety of delicious local cuisines, it is also known to some as the “Little Chinatown in the West”.

You will find out why as you read from my post. Do also visit the place to find out yourself too.

You may take MRT train and alight at Lakeside MRT station.
Then take a stroll down toward Blk 501 Jurong West Street 51 .
Just about 10 minutes walking distance. It is just beside Hong Kah Town Council and opposite Sheng Leng Temple.

You be surprised when you are there. There are so many people walking around and there are shop after shop waiting for you to explore....

Attached is a map of Hong Kah Point for your reference.

(Click on picture for enlarge view)

Playground! Well, parent with kids need not worry... Your kids can play at the playground while you do your shopping.

The hawker centre there serves a wide variety of delicious local cuisines and most of the stalls there serves great food with queue. You should know that Singaporean alway like to queue for good food

One thing I like about Singapore's hawker centre is that I get to eat a wide varierty of food which include my favouite Roti Prata, Hainanese chicken rice, Nasi Lemak, fish soup, laksa, fried carrot cake, fried kway tiao, popiah, Indian mee goreng etc.

People of all races come here for food & shopping...

There were so many food choices to choose from the hawker centre and I was tempted to try this! The Beef Noodle!

Look at it closer... Very generous portion right... It is delicious!

The next "MUST TRY" food is from the Famous Heng Heng Cooked Food stall selling Fish Soup!

SEE THIS! Singaporean "KIASU-NESS" is showing again... Haha...
No la joke aside, people here really queue for good food!

Although the queue was long but still it doesn't stop me from queuing for the food!

FINALLY.... My turn!

Good food is worth waiting for.... The Fish Soup is so different from the rest I tried before.he soup is very tasty and the fish meat is fresh!

This is one of the few stall in Singapore that still sell Handmade Pau!

I'm glad I FOUND this stall!

See this is one of the Pau I bought.
It is actually "Da Pau" with meat and a slice of egg... Yumilicious!

I also ordered a piece of "Min Jian Kueh". This is a Chinese-style pancake, traditionally stuffed with ground peanut fillings. But this stall offers variety of fillings such as red bean paste, coconut, pandan green bean, coffee, durain lotus and cheese.

My favourite filling is still the coconut!

If you want something else to eat like fast food, you may go for KFC located at Blk 501!

Yeah and you can try the $1 homemade icecream here for dessert! Bringing back the old childhood memories... When I was young, my mum will always buy me a cup of this homemade icecream. Feel so "Xin Fu" always when I eat them....

"Yan Jia Long Za Huo" at the Hong Kan Market offers a wide range of dried products like mushroom, salted fish, dried beancurd skin, etc" My mum loves to visit this kind of store a lot as she is a housewife and a good chef at home! She cooked great soup and I love her cooking a lot...

Something are still fresher in the wet market and that is why a lot of people to still prefer to come here to buy their food.

A stall selling fresh meat Pork, Chicken, Beef.

Most people call this "Tau Geh" in hokkien. It is actually bean sprout and I love to eat them when it is cooked with salted fish! My mum used to cook them and we will eat with porridge!

Fish lover will love this shop. To Chinese, keeping Koi and Gold Fish has also long been widely thought to be particularly ... blessed with excesses of gold and wealth', as nian nian you [jin] [yu] (年年有[金][余] )

There is also a florist shop selling flower and potted plants... Plant lovers will love it! In the past, I used to buy a lot of catus and orchid plants too! I'm a plant lover too and I enjoy the process of seeing them grow and bloom under my care!

I SPOTTED this lovely leaf plant! So HEARTWARMING & CUTE right!

Want to get some potted plants for your house this Chinese New Year, you may also come down here to buy.

This is Kumquat (cumquat) and in Cantonese Chinese, means golden (Kum) and “Quat” meaning good fortune. A potted Kumquat tree with fruit is the ornament of choice during the Chinese New Year celebration in S.E. Asia, a tradition similar to the display of Christmas trees.

The plant in the foam box are actually the "Lucky Bamboo"!

This are another type which are known as the "Lotus Bamboo"! They are all known to brings good luck and good health!

Our daily household material can be bought here too! For the Chinese New Year, spring cleaning you need all these things... Talking about spring cleaning... I still not yet start my spring cleaning... Don't be like me always wait till last minute then clean ok.

The fruit hanging there is the Pomelo (柚子; yòuzi). And Chinese believed to brings abundance, prosperity, good health, family unity.

This is "Good Luck Supermarket"! What a nice name! It offers lot of daily needs products.

I spotted this Prosperity cake (huat kueh) 发糕 selling outside Lucky Supermarket!
Chinese believe that this cake will brings prosperity! Huat Ah!

This is a unique stall that offers Roasted Delicacies...

Have you bought your Chinese New Year Clothes?

Well you can also shop at Hong Kah Point... There is several stalls selling fashionable clothes for you to dress up and look good for Chinese New Year and everyday.

I'm doing a last minutes shopping here...

Lian Hua Chun Fruit Stall, not only sell fruits.... But ALSO...

For this Chinese New Year Season, they also sell Chinese New Year's goodies...

They sell Taiwan Jelly too! The stall owner was nice, she offered me a piece to try!

The all-time-favourite Taiwan Mochi!

For those people who want to get Mandarin Orange, you can buy them here too!During Chinese New Year I see mandarin oranges. So what do mandarin oranges have to do with Chinese New Year? Do they symbolize good luck or anything?

The exchange of Mandarin oranges among friends and families during CNY is customary as the gesture is an offering of goodwill and fortune.

Chinese New Year Cookies! Lot of choices to choose! Have you stock them for Chinese New Year to treat your friends and relatives?

I bought 3 tubs of Homemade Pineapple Tarts for only $30 only! I tasted them and it was great! Go buy them!

What is Chinese New Year without Bak Kwa!

There is a "Frangrance" store at Hong Kah Point too!

Time to get some decorations for my home! This shop here offers great variety of decorations to decorate your house for the coming Chinese New Year!

I bought this!

吉祥如意 means "Good fortune as one wishes". Everyone wants good fortune. ...

This is cute right! This year is also the year of the Rabbit! It will be great to put a pair of this rabbit at your home.

Gong Hei Fatt Choy (in Cantonese)
Gong Xi Fa Cai (in Mandarin)
Keong Hee Huat Chai (in Hokkien)
The meaning of "Gong Xi" is congratulations while "Fa Cai" means be rich or prosperous.

This is a "Pineapple" Lantern. Why Pineapple?

Pineapple in Hokkien is “ Ong Lai” which means Good Fortune comes.

This also explained why you often seen them during Chinese New Year and why people eat Pineapple Tarts!

This is the first time I see this plastic flowers.

(See the video for the interesting meaning of this plants)

They were beautiful an caught my eyes to buy and put them at home during Chinese New Year!

This red ball plants comes in different sizes and I can mix and match them to arrange into the vase.

So this was what I chose and I going to display them at my living room during Chinese New Year!

This is the Fortune God and Chinese loves it a lot as it brings wealth! I bought one of this too to put in my living room! Very Cute!


The night time were as vibrant as the daytime to shop too! Some people enjoys shopping after dinner or after their work.

Lot of snacks to eat... Lot of people too! Haha.... It is like Little Chinatown right?

See the people here choosing the decorations for their house...

Have you decorate your house?

Look at the things I bought! You can tell there is so much to shop here!

So don't wait anymore!

Come down to Hong Kah Point and experience a different Chinese New Year this year!

I forgot to tell you guys that I just learned how to arrange my Chinese New Year's Flower from the uncle at Hong Kah Point.He is very friendly and nice in helping me to choose the right flowers. This is the 1st time arranging such flowers. I can really feel the Chinese New Year Mood so much as i was arranging it!

Hope you guys like this!!! You can get them at Hong Kah for less than $20. I got the vase for $9.90 and the flowers for $10 only.

Very Cheap right!

Before I end this post, I like to take this opportunities to wish

everyone reading this here,

people working and shopping

at Hong Kah Point a very Happy Chinese New Year!

This video is for you all!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

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