Laugh your way home this Chinese New Year!

Thanks to for the invitation to HOMECOMING 《笑着回家》 Gala Premiere + Post-Party with Cast and Crew at Gallery Bar, St James Power Station (25 Jan 2011, Tues)‏.

Talented stars from both countries (Malaysia & Singapore) had came together for this film (Homecoming) that takes place over on Chinese New Year’s eve- a day where Chinese families sit round the table and enjoy the dinner, representing a happy family reunion.

The leads who appeared at the Gala Premiere on Tue (25 Jan 2011) were Ah Niu, Afdlin Shauki, Jack Neo, Huang Wen Hoong, Rebecca Lim, Mark Lee and Koe Yeet.

Releasing on 3rd Feb 2011 in cinemas, HOMECOMING centers around people from Malaysia and Singapore about three stories of three different individuals going home for reunion dinner. The highlight of the movie is Jack Neo is back with another cross-dressed role, Karen Neo. It had been really enjoying watching him on TV and on Cinema.

This movie is sure to fill you and your friends/family with

That is Rebacca on the left side photo and the right side photo is Nat Ho! Nat did not act in the show but was invited for the movie. People rushing into the cinema to catch the movie "Homecoming"! And I am among them who rushed into the cinema hall. Sitting on my left is Hong Peng & Samantha.
After the movie, we walked our way over the bridge to Gallery Bar, St James for the Post Party for Homecoming!

Nice chilling out place....

Samantha (On top) and Eric (Below)

Very soon the cast joined in...
They even sang us the Theme Song "Homecoming"... So nice....

Took photo with Koe Yeet and Jack Neo!
It was a great session at Gallery Bar, we got to interact with Mr Jack Neo and find out more of the movie!

Photo with Omy people (Alvin & Janet) and the bloggers!

The bloggers with Jack Neo & Ah Niu.
My table won some goodies bag to bring home! Got soundtracks CD and exclusive "Homecoming" red packets!

Yummy snacks... =p

We even tossed with Mr Jack Neo wishing him "Huat Ah"!

REMEMBER to catch this movie on 3rd Feb 2011!!!
BE SURE to laugh your way home!!!





Watch what Jack Neo have to say about his movie

and also video at the post party now!