Singapore Dance Delight returns bigger and tougher

Firstly thanks to F&N once again for being the presenting sponsor for Singapore Dance Delight Vol.2! This Youth Street Dance competition returns bigger and tougher this year!

Singapore Dance Delight is one of the rare recent events that has galvanized youth from all walks of life to come together in celebration of dance and being young. Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 2 promises to be bigger & louder with almost double the number of crews registered – 46 up from last year’s 28! This year’s entries will see teams from the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia!

Last year’s competition had set the bar really high so this year you will expect to see greater choreography, tighter routines & more outrageous outfits! The judges this year we have Kenny Low, Founder, O School; Ryan Tan, Creative Director, O School; and Hu Pei Zhen aka An An from Da’ Street Soulz (Funkamania 2006, Champions).

Last Saturday (26 Feb 2011), I was at Scape and did a Media Coverage for the Singapore Dance Delight Vol .2 Preliminaries and I must said it is sure a MUST SEE event of the year even though the rain had caused some delay to it! But over 1000+ youths stayed on to watch the show till the end.

If you did not managed to make it to the event, don't worry there is still another Finals Round at Wavehouse to see the dancers compete on stage. They will then be judged on their technical abilities, showmanship, musicality, originality and professionalism.

The winners of Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 2 will win a 3D2N round-trip (air tickets and accommodations) to compete in Dance Delight Vol. 18, which will be held in September, 2011 in Osaka, Japan. $30,000 worth of prizes will be awarded to the top three winners of Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 2.

I took some photograghs and videos on Saturday Prelims too and I would like to share this with you all.

Scroll down to find out which are the 40 teams that danced on stage and also which are the team that danced their way to the Finals!

F&N Outrageous Orange- my FAVOURITE

4.45pm: As you can see from the picture above, the crew are all busy cleaning up the stage due to an early rain before the event.

Everyone busy trying their best to dry up the whole place, making it a comfortable place for the audience and supporters to stay on to watch the performance.

Thanks to them for the hard works! =)

BUT sad thing is...

The rain came back again soon after they clean up the place!

Everyone have no choice but to wait in the sheltered area untill further notice....Everyone must be praying for the rain to stop I guessed...

Lovely Gifts for the public! Thanks F&N for showing their LOVE!

Let's see what they got for us! It's a raincoat! So thoughtful!

And a CUTE F&N minature can!

Guess what is this? It is actually wet tissues inside the can!

Thanks to the F&N's Guys, who were very friendly, going around serving us nice chilled F&N Sparkling Drinks! =)

The full range of F&N Sparkling Drinks is available all year round for your enjoyment at hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores, at the recommended retail price of $0.70 per can* in the following favourites:

- F&N Cheeky Cherryade
- F&N Cool Ice-cream Soda
- F&N Flashy Fruitade
- F&N Groovy Grape
- F&N Outrageous Orange
- F&N Sarsi

Also available to add sparkle to your beverage enjoyment is the range of F&N Mixers available all year round at hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores, at the recommended retail price of $0.70 per can* in the following versatile variants:

- F&N Club Soda Water
- F&N Extra Dry Tonic Water

* Please note that prices may vary across retailers

The F&N Guys carrying this special bag filled with

F&N Sparkling Drinks moving around to serve drinks to people. So cool right!

See! This is how they served us!!!

There was an interesting game booth. I went over and also tried out!

I was the 1st few people to play the game and I manged to get 1st in their record. Quite Fun!

User just have to hold the iPhone and shake as many times as they can. The higher score will win a pair of tickets to the SDD Vol.2 Finals! Cool!

I was moving around taking photo and look what I saw? Isn't that the Champion team last year for Singapore Dance Delight Vol.1!
Yes they are Joyce and The Boys!

Look at their pose! Cute right!

The rain still continued...
The organisor decided to take it to the Gallery, Scape 5th Floor!

And here we are at the Scape Gallery Level 5.

Guess who is the Emcee for the night?

Yes it is none other than Sheikh Haikel- a popular rap/hip hop artist/DJ/actor from Singapore who has a local following and local hit singles.

See how he really worked well with the crowd with his jokes.

Without further delay, let's me bring you the 1st group of dancer onto the stage!!! They named themselves "Househead"! What a cool name!!!

Group 2: Deep Ft.

Group 3: Twister Funny "G"

Group 4: Hot Shot

Group 5: Major Jam

Group 6: Rhythmic Monsters

Group 7: Go Go Funky Rangers

Group 8: B.O.T.S (Born out to swag)

Group 9: Hit the Speed Limit

Group 10: AT.6

Group 11: Fantastic Forze Crew

Group 12: The Basic Five


I like this group!

They have very nice dressing and make up!

Group 14: Side by Side Crew

Group 15: Sonic vibe

Group 16: Sickin Freak

Group 17: Size Zero

Group 18: EVEANS

Group 19: I.M (I Dot M)

Group 20: F4C All Starz

Changing Venue- After 20 teams performed at Level 5, we was told that we can go back to Level 4 as the rain had stopped!!!

Yeah!!! Show continuing at Level 4, the stage!!!

Group 21: Sid3tr4ck

Group 22: Studio 54

Group 23: Joyce And The Boys

Joyce & the Boys really rocks the stage!!!

They seem to have gathered a lot of Supporters!

Group 24: Harlequinn

Group 25: Forever Dance Crew

Group 26: Almond Sugar

Group 27: Team Elite

Group 28: Girls" On The Dancefloor

Group 29: Floor Fever

Group 30: Monstruts City

Even people from level 5 get a good view of the competition.

Group 31:SCRAABS

Group 32: D'RS

Cheers from the supporter!

Group 33: Flair Brothers

I can see that this group of dancer really enjoying themselves...

Feel like dancing with them right?

Audience like their performance! Clap! Clap!

Group 34: Boom Box

Group 35: The Zoo Thailand

That was a well co-ordinated jump!!! Impressive!!!

The Audience must have agreed that this team is seriously good!

Group 36: 8th Avenue

Group 37: Burning Bums

Sweet couple!!! =)

Group 38: Free Frago

Group 39: Rough Addicts

We have come to the last group!

Group 40: XDD

While waiting for the result annoucement!

I did some camwhore with my friends.

Hong Pheng aka Hpility was there too!

Darren (Blogger) was there too!

And this is another of my good friend Calvin Timonty

He is also a food blogger!

Okay! Come on guys let take some group shot!

More photo!!!

And MORE MORE!!! Haha... That's what blogger like to do right!!!

Any drinks for you?

That day I managed to try carrying the F&N bag and trust me it is not easy carrying this heavy bag and move around giving out drinks...

Ok after a drink, here come the

Most Anticipating Part of the evening!
Yes the result for the Singapore Dance Delight Vol.2 Preliminaries Round!

Which are the teams that got into the top 20 positions to enter into the Finals?










The 20 finalists teams are (in no particular order):
1) Go Go Funky Rangers (Indonesia)
2) B.O.T.S (Born to Swag)
3) The Basic Five
4) Sickin Freak
5) Flair Brothers
6) I.DOT.M (I Dot M)
7) The Zoo Thailand
8) Free Frago
9) Househead
10) Sonic Vibe
11) Team Elite (Philippines)
12) Major Jam
13) Fantastic Forze Crew
14) Size-Zero
15) Burning Bums (the only couple group)
16) Rough Addicts
17) F4C Stars
18) Joyce and the Boys (Defending Champions)
19) Harlequinn
20) Hit the Speed Limit

Remember to support them at the FINALS!!! ^^

WAIT!!! The fun is not over yet...
The Party continued at the Scape Gallery Level 5!

Check out,, for more updates and contests to win exclusive prizes now!

For more photograghs:!/album.php?aid=339138&id=767652952

For Video:

Don't miss the Finals at Wavehouse Sentosa! Grab your tickets now!

Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 2 Finals

WHEN: Saturday, March 12 2011
TIME: 7pm - 11pm
WHERE: Wavehouse Sentosa
ADMISSION: Admission to the finals and the after party is by ticket only. Tickets can be purchased from O School (Tel: 6509 0016) at $20 (till March 8, 2011) or $25 (from March 9, 2011 onwards). Ticket includes one housepour (18 years old and above) and entrance to Finals and the after party. Tickets are sold at O School. Visit for more information.

Singapore Dance Delight Finals After Party
WHEN: Saturday, March 12, 2011
TIME: After the Finals
WHERE: Wavehouse Sentosa
ADMISSION: Admission to the finals and the after party is by ticket only. Tickets can be purchased from O School (Tel: 6509 0016) at $20 (till March 8, 2011) or $25 (from March 9, 2011 onwards). Ticket includes one housepour (18 years old and above), entrance to the Finals and the after party. Tickets are sold at O School.

Visit for more information.



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