WONDERFUL X'mas & Birthday celebration 2010

I was really BUSY from X'mas 2010 all the way till Feb 2011.
I wanted to share this post for very long...
Finally I have the time now to share my WONDERFUL X'mas & Birthday celebration 2010 with you guys...
Hope I did not keep you all waiting too long... Sorry if I have... Me, Kevin Yap, Christina booked 2 rooms at Sembawang Hometeam Chalet and a BBQ pit for the celebration.

Before we start our BBQ party, some of the early bird went for KTV...
BBQ foods ordered from BBQ Wholesale by Christina.
The curry chicken cooked my my dearest MUM!
The healthy fruit salad made with fresh fruit and yougurt by me! I love it!

Dylan was requested to show us his fabulous body! WoW!!!! Impressive! Very define!

The handsome guy beside me is James who always shared the birthday cake with me.

Cause he was also borned in December.

Me 25th Dec and he 30th Dec!

Totally enjoying celebrating with him and you guys who were there everytime!


Thanks guys for the presents!
Alright as usual, guys like to DUNK the birthday boy into the pool!
And so me and James got dunked!
Surprisely this time, GJ and Kevin joined in the DUNKING fun and got WET!

-Day 2-
Some of us stayed overnight and the next day we had another round of BBQ ...
Not wasting the good food obviously...

We had some fun playing Water Ball before leaving the Chalet for lunch and movie!
It was seriously the best party of 2010!
Thanks all who attended the party!
Love you all!



  1. is the chalet good?

  2. It was just a moderate place. But with swimming pool, juccuzi, jackpot room, making room and small arcade! Well I would say worth the value la. Cause it is cheap! Haha

  3. Hi! Is the bbq pit big? :)