Valentine's Day 2011

Valentine's Day (14 Feb 2011), I was busy with a small business I partnership with my best buddy Edison. We managed to sold all the bouquet we made! It was a success I must say!

This is the 3rd year I am doing this Rocher business and which mean
Rocher-Creations is 3 year old now! =)

Thanks everyone for the support!

We will continue to do nicer & cuter bouquet!

Displaying our bouquets for selling... Our Mini booth....

Thanks Edison for the partnership again for the 2nd times!
Both of us had teamwork together for a lot of other wonderful things (Event Jobs, Contest, etc) in life and I would say he is like my brother. He is always being there for me and I know who can I speak to when I have problem...

Jason & friends popping by...
Thanks, it was a great encouragement!
Oh ya thanks Jason for buying that bouquet!
So sweet of him to buy for his friend.

A photo with with Jason's friends.
Opps where is Jason?

Ya he was helping us to take this photo!

Thanks Kelvin and his wife for dropping by and also help us "Ta Bao" Macdonald meal for our dinner.

Thanks Jinming for supporting too!

-How did Rocher Creations Started?

Rocher Creations started in year 2009. Back then, my 1st partner was Terence Li. And I would say he was the one who actually help and make Rocher Creations Business happen!

Few days before Valentine's Day 2009, he actually called me and suggested about doing this business with him because he knew I know how to wrap bouquets. Without much thinking, I took up his offer and we started this business. We did very well together too!

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In Year 2010, Terence was not free and that is where Edison and 2 other friends (Dylan & Johnathon) came into the picture. We were all over Singapore I guess... We were selling at SMU, NUS, Marina, Orchard & Bugis! We did well for that year too! =)

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