Facebook- Important Part of Our Lives

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What is Facebook?
Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, post links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet.. (Read more about facebook)

Facebook as we all know has now become the most important thing in our lives. I cannot imagine lives without Facebook.

I believed most people used facebook, even companies are now using this platform for marketing out their products.

I am just wondering one day if Facebook shut down or if we have to pay for our Facebook Account and people stop using facebook? What will happen?

1) People start talking- Yes perhaps there would be more face to face talk again. And phone chatting will be more too. Cause when Facebook came in, people communicates on facebook's wall, mesage & chat.

2) Problem sharing photo- People might find it troublesome to share photo, especially for big goup photo. The photo might just end up keeping in COLD STORAGE. I must said Facebook tagging and sharing photo is so easy. And I can even make new friend from the photo!

3) Lesser Friends- Well with Facebook, we can easy click around and find new friend. So if Facebook is gone, perhaps we will have lesser friends. I believe a lot of us will agreed on me if you ever add new friends from facebook!

4) Less aware of what is happening around you- Cause we often will noticed what is going on from our friend's Facebook wall. See how are they feeling these days and check out their photo to know what is happening in their life. Without Facebook, I think we have to depend a lot on phone chatting and face to face meet up.

5)More emails- In the age of Facebook, we often will share links and videos on our facebook, but if without Facebook, we will have to go back to EMAILING again. Haha...

6) Problem in Planning Event- With Facebook, we can simply create event and invite guests. We can easily monitor the attendence from Facebook. Trust me planning of event will be annoying without facebook.

7) No more Birthday Reminder- Thanks to Facebook, you could now save some memory space in your brain. Facebook helps to remind you when your birthday is coming.

8) No more Facebook's game- People will be bored and have to find new entertainment.

9) No more Fans- Without Facebook's Fanpage, you cannot set up yuor fanpage and get any fans to "like" you.

10) More stress- Why more stress? Cause certain people use facebook to express their feeling on the Facebook's wall. Like telling the whole world "I am stressed" and the next minute there will be comment like "Take a break" from their friend or even "like" at their post.

So I seriously hope that the Facebook will stay forever FREE for us! haha!!!
We cannot live without it!